12 Day Fast Day 9 with a blurred pic of me in the mirror.

12 Day Fast – Day 9

Day 9 – Aug 29, 2016 Last night I watched a video on YouTube about a vegan strongman that fasted 23 hours, everyday, for the last 15 years and he says it increases the human growth hormone when you fast daily and eat one full healthy meal. I was very interested because he was ripped. 

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No Love – Only Control

I heard once before a great way to look at an aspect of love, Mercy is only mercy when the receiver of the mercy doesn’t deserve it. -unknown As I look out around the world these days I see a lot of fear.  Some scared of others, some scared of themselves, yet others are fearful of foods and guns, animals, nature, and certain places in the world. It may seem like they are nothing at first glance and some may say they are not afraid of those things, but if you really look at it you will see in a lot of ways you are. As am I at times. So what I am about to say is just my thoughts and my take on the world. Let me give you an example and you will quickly see where I’m

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