You want to know who is TeamBz? This video answers many of the questions you may have plus more. In this confessional, we open up about our travels, life changes, and our past. Enjoy #BzBodies. WE OUT!!! Vote for TeamBz to be the experience officer with

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I Changed

You changed!  Well, so did you!  How do you deal with change in a relationship? RichBz is solo speaking his mind about change and how he sees it, because how you deal with change is what matters. Listen in to this episode because you will have to deal with change at some time or another and it is all about the mindset and understanding. Change … Let’s talk about it.  In the comments let me know what you think about change. Background Music – Changed it (Nikki Minaj) Instrumental Sponsor – DynamikWorks  |  Khadijahrbz

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How I became swole master flash.

Well hello, Ladies and Gentleman I am Tre the swollest man on the planet and I will be giving you some tips today on how to get big/swole/ripped big whatever you wanna call it I got it. A lot of people want to know how to know I got so big. Well, I am gonna tell you how to right now.  First, let us start from the beginning. As a kid, I was always very active a young buck like I was benching kids here and there (that’s a joke). I was always the leader of the pack in running, climbing whatever. I always wanted to workout but I never really got into it I was like 10. One time I remember I drew abs on myself but that has nothing to do with the topic.  I decided to finally get somewhat serious about

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