so the summer will be over very shortly for me in the sense that i am going back to school the week after next and i’m not too sure what that means just yet for my blog…

so if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you would know that during the school year my blog is very unsuccessful. i think last year i wasn’t as worried or passionate about my blog as i am now. i think it took me a while to realize what my blog could really be and what it already is. on the first week of school i had a post everyday ft my first week of school outfits but, soon after that was over there was pretty much no content on this site. frankly i didn’t really like it but, me being the person i am (a huge perfectionist) i just knew that i had to cut something out of my life for that time being to really focus on school. i think now i am starting to be a better planner and i think things will work out this year for the better. i’m managing my time very well and prioritizing and it takes a lot of self control to choose not to do something “fun” and to stay and work on your blog instead but, i think in the log run it will be worth it.

i have kind of taken this thought process and i’m putting it in every aspect of my life. like working out for instance. honestly, i’m not in love with actually working out but, how if feel afterwards (other than hurting briefly) i feel amazing. it lets me know that i am fit and that i can reach my #bodygoals. and i just want to be healthy and ugh i cannot even put everything i want to be into words but, i do know that if i take small steps, conquering one thing at a time i will see results in every place in my life and i don’t regret what i am doing now because i know i’m going to be great.

so i guess the update is that i will blog during the school year but, probably not as much as i am now over the summer because i want to see what i can handle. i will probably just begin with one post per week and i don’t think that is too much to ask for.

alright well i guess nothing else is really changing so see ya