Planning for 2017

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Success comes from planning, so today we want to help you with a couple tips to help you and your family plan.  We hope this episode helps.  Leave us your comments below about your thoughts on this episode, we look forward to reading them. Music by Rich Barber of DynamikWorks

2016 Look Back ft. Na’Kole

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This episode we are looking back over 2016 for lessons learned with our special guest Na’Kole Watson, who give us three lessons she has learned over 2016.  Hopefully they will empower you to go into 2017 with a great new empowered foundation to build from. Check out Na’Kole site – Not On My Watch: All Music […]

Was I Wrong – Lady at the Gas Station

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I told you it was coming.  Our first installment of “Was I Wrong”.  This is a short episode were some issue takes place and we ask you, our listeners, was I wrong in the way I responded to this situation. Take a listen and let us get some feedback on how I handled the situation […]

Rock the party into a song – Life of DJ Munch Pt 3

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We have reached the final episode of the “Life of DJ Munch.”  We have had a lot of fun going through this series with DJ Munch.  We would like to thank DJ Munch for allowing us to use his story on the show. We are starting right where we left off last week.  DJ Munch enters a military talent […]

One Thought About Recent Events

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This week we want to give you guys one thought about the recent events in the news.  We thank you for the opportunity to be heard during this time of such tragedies.  We kept it short and to the point. Intro / Outro Music: Beast Inside Beats Sponsor Music: DynamikWorks

Connections Keep the Party Rockin’ – Life of DJ Munch Pt. 2

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This week we are back with part 2 of the life of DJ Munch.  We are continuing from right where we left off.  But what happens when a team is investigated, a new partnership is formed, and someone has regrets but gets a new club? This weeks episode is all about connections.  Sometime you need connections, […]

Life of DJ Munch – Beginnings of a Party Rocker

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This week we go deep into a story of a DJ and recording artist back in the 80’s.  The funny part is this is Richbz’s father.  You heard him last week on the Father’s Day episode which prompted this episode.  Don’t laugh to hard but this guy has a bunch of “true” stories from trying […]

KhadijahRBz takeover! The Father’s Day Edition

What does it really take to be a father? Does anyone really know? Let’s find out on today’s episode as we chat with: Rick, Rob, Jerome, and Omac. Make sure you review on iTunes and Google Play. Sponsor: DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Music: Background: Beast inside Beats Sponsor Background: DynamikWorks

Social Media Pt 2 – Copy Cat Syndrome

This week we continue from last week talking about social media, however the team is actually really upset with some of the things people are doing on social media. You’re gonna wanna hear this. Let’s GO!!! Sponsor: DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Background Music: Beats Inside Beats Sponsor Music: iRich & DynamikWorks

Social Media – the ins and outs

This week we go over a couple of social media platforms, #Teambz style. So you know there is gonna be at least one rant! Sponsor – DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Music: Background – Beast inside Beats Sponsor Music – iRich