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#21 – Tick Toc

Episode 21 – Tick Toc This episode is all about time and time wasting. We hope you are spending your time wisely. But let’s talk about what that looks like.

#20 – The Ultimate Bucket List

Episode 20 – The Ultimate Bucket List The title speaks for itself…unless you don’t know what a bucket list is.  If you don’t know what it is then you definitely don’t wanna miss this episode.  

#19 – The 2015 Year in Review

Episode 19 – The 2015 Year in Review We are talking about events through out 2015 that have changed our outlook on life, family, our country, and our world…#Teambz style! Oh yeah, and the Wifi ends the show… Technology (can’t live with it, can’t broadcast without it).

Bonus #1 – Poetry, Allergies, and Family Trips

This week we have some exciting news to talk about on one hand and some really bad news on the other.  This is not our in the news but it is #Teambz news.  If you guys have been listening to our episodes, you are now part of the team. So let’s get this started. For […]

#17 – Round Robin

Episode 16 – Round Robin Today we try to do something new and it seems it didn’t go the way we expected. Hope you enjoy because this was full of laughter and real information.

#16 – ‘Tis the Season for…

Episode 16 – ‘Tis the Season For…? We are on location and have our good friends with us today as we talk about the christmas season, black friday shopping, and we answer the question, “Tis the Season for…?”.  Also, we go into what we like and don’t like about this season. Guests:  Sean Leggett, Cinnamon Leggett […]

#15 – HBO (Human Body Oder)

Episode 15 – This is all about body oder, so you know how we do. This is gonna be off the hook! Enjoy! Sponsored by: DynamikWorks –

#14 – Just The Guys

Episode 14 – Just the Guys Richbz and Trebz has turned the studio into a man cave.  We are running football games on the TV and having fun with a couple of choice topics. We do have a serious subject on tap but we always break for fun.