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Been a long time!

It’s been a long time and we are back from traveling. Let’s talk about it.


Your life can change at a blink of an eye. One moment you are having fun, the next you could be in the best or the worst moment you have ever experienced. Here is one moment that recently happen to my kids and I.


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There is a love / hate relationship the world has with scammers, so today we are talking all about it. Join in with us and comment below. Let us know what you think about scammers or what scams you have experienced.

Overcoming Business Stress

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This week the title says it all. We know everyone has challenges in business so how do you handle it, what are some things you have to think about to stay ahead. We hope this episode empowers you to keep going, even you have to restructure your business.

How To Handle Criticism

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This week we are not only speaking about business criticism but also personal criticism and what are some ways you can handle it from a TeamBz perspective. Enjoy.

Five Reasons Startups Fail

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We want you guys to be successful as you start your big booming family business. So, this episode we discuss five reasons why startups fail. If you have a reason we didn’t bring up make sure you drop it in the comments.

The Exonerated Five

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***(Spoiler ALERT)*** This week we are talking about the movie When They See Us now on NETFLIX. This movie depicts the events leading up to and following the Exonerated Five (The Central Park Five) court, prison, and exoneration experience.

Business on the go

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We know family businesses need to have an aspect that some traditional businesses my not take into account when first starting, so we are giving you information this week to help you handle your business on the go!

Father / Business Owner

Guy sitting reading the Family Business section of the newspaper

This is a crazy duality. When you are leading a family and the same family works in the business, life can get complicated. How do you handle it? How do I handle it? Well, let’s see if we can break it down.