Your life can change at a blink of an eye. One moment you are having fun, the next you could be in the best or the worst moment you have ever experienced. Here is one moment that recently happen to my kids and I.

Up front let me tell you this event took place just yesterday and on the way to get doughnuts.

Let’s set the scene.

The place we live had an electrical fire on the third floor.

Yes a fire.

If you know anything about me, I have been in a fire before and have the burns to prove it. However this fire just produced a lot of smoke. The fire department showed up and evacuated the building.

As a team we decided what better time to go grab some doughnuts. Well what else was there to do but stand outside.

Well Khadijah took this opportunity to jump in and use her gift to help people breathe and keep calm. We chose to get doughnuts!

So we left.

The doughnut shop is not far. Just over the bridge, which is about 2 miles at best.

We picked up a half dozen of doughnuts after playing a song from Da Baby with the windows down.

The baker chose to hook us up with an extra doughnut because hey, WE ARE TEAMBZ!

We left and turned the music back up and used the back road behind the shop to get to the main road. As we approached the light to turn on to the main road our light was green. So you know what happens when you are approaching a light that is already green.. speed up!

Because i have been driving for so long my instincts make me automatically look left as I’m approaching them right as I am getting ready to enter the intersection.

As i look right I notice lights coming really quickly between the cars that are stopped across the street to my right.

I jam the brakes and the truck makes an abrupt stop. In that moment the kids were very taken off guard do to the hard braking. But as they looked into the intersection they also noticed the speeding car and our light still green and said, “What!!!”

At the same time we all watched another car pull out from across the street making a right turn. Why wouldn’t he, as me and the other car had a green light.

It was in that moment, even with the music playing, I heard and felt a collective gasp as the speeding car hit the turning car flipping it over twice and landing on a palm tree in the parking lot of an In and Out Burger joint.

The speeding car spun around twice, igniting it on fire, ending up facing back the way it came in the middle of the street.

In the moment that everyone saw the impending collision there was a collective gasp that was heard and felt all through my being with such amazement and surprise that I covered my mouth before my lungs exploded to stop the massive amount of air I sucked in. This gasp seem to not only stop time but also rid the intersection of air.

There are little times in life one experiences a unified moment in time that puts everyone near you on one accord. This was one of those moments.

Have you ever experienced one of those moments in your life? If so we would love to hear about it down in comments. Where did it happen? What was going on just before that moment?