When you were a young child you had no problem with dreaming big. As you get older your parents, friends, and teachers tell you to be realistic, you have this bill to take care of, you have this (insert issue here) you have to think about. All of that, though not said maliciously, starts to scale your dream back or can make you stop dreaming all together. But what happens when you start dreaming again?

Let’s start this off by level setting.

I am a creative and an analyst.

I am a writer and an actor.

I am a musician and business owner.

I am a coder and a designer.

The first time I realized the differences in my own interests and mental capacity, I thought everyone was like this. Later I found out that is not the case. Most people are one or the other of any one of the above types, so this told me I am actually a rarity in this world.

I say this not to brag or boast but to say that I am my own worst enemy.

-Rich Barber

Most creatives you usually think really big with no limitations. An analyst personality usually thinks very practical, functional, and playing within the box which can be useful when there is a partnership of the two types. The issue comes in when the two types are in the mind of someone that doesn’t realize both are co-dominant, meaning they are equally present.

What happens when both sides start dreaming big?

For that to happen your analyst side has to lighten up and take a calculated risk. You may have to start small first by letting something that the creative side has done be released to the public for purchase.

I don’t think people understand how hard this is for a creative person that has a real strong analyst side. The creative side doesn’t want the judgement and the analyst side doesn’t think it’s worth anything and no one will pay for it. This makes for a lot internal turmoil.

The other way to accomplish the goal of starting to think bigger will be to create something and let someone else handle the details therefore taking the analyst side totally out of the equation. This is the way I think a lot those who have the dual personality become successful. Basically, picking one side and negating the other.

If (and that’s a big if) you get to an understanding in yourself and have agreement, it can be your biggest asset.

This agreement gives you with ability to self check, self promote, and self-design and have all sides and angles thought out for success and be at a place of internal peace while thinking of creative ways to address any issues that arise in your plan.

As long as you don’t get big headed when you are able to do this it will attract people who can assist in the growth of your plan and vision.

If you are this type of person jump in the comments and let me know how you have been able to master this duality.