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what exactly comes to your mind when you hear the word. the channel, the movies, the actors, the theme parks, the music, the fairytale. whatever it is you think about, i think both you and i know that Disney is an empire. everything that Disney does is on purpose and is extremely intricate. i am saying all of this to simply say… “WHAT THE HECK!” every single time i get pulled into the Disney wormhole, that is all i can say.

specifically, i am referencing the connection between all of the cartoon Disney movies. apparently, they are all connected in some way and that this was also done ON PURPOSE by the creators. can you believe that? because i can. i have no choice, all of these “theories” about the connections are extremely convincing and i believe them every single time. it all makes so much more sense this way. i am definitely not going to go into all the details or even the minor things about how all of the movies are connected because it is much to detailed and tedious to describe it all, but i know if you read the theories you will believe it, too.

because, honestly, isn’t that the purpose of Disney? to make you believe….

and, wait there is more! the Pixar movies do the exact same thing! so i’ll include links to those theories as well.

check out these sites that give seriously convincing arguments as to how some of the cartoon Disney movies are connected:

The Pixar Theory


I already know that many of my people back in the States have misconstrued ideas about my new location (Costa Rica). One of the main things is that I live in a hut, I don’t have internet, etc etc.

I will put these ideas to rest: I live pretty much the same as I did in the US. While I don’t have a car here and I’m not fluent in the language everything else is pretty much the same with minor differences. Soooooo, now that I’ve cleared that up, another thing that no one thought was here… MALLS. There are shopping malls here and I have to say they are much better than the malls in North Carolina. The Alajuela City Mall has like four floors and hospitals underneath it with parking garages, plus outdoor restaurants and shops. They have car dealerships in this mall, tattoo shops, a food court, nail and hair salons, and all the regular clothes, handbag, shoe and accessory shops. Even though they have all of these shops and stores I am always surprised when they have these huge Forever 21’s everywhere. At another mall I went to they had the two story Forever 21 and I am just like “YES” every time I see one. Although Forever 21 seems to be overwhelming with all of the colors and choices, I always know that any Forever 21 store is up to date on all of the latest fashion trends around the world. So while I was at the mall this time, I took pictures in this Forever 21 of the clothes and the store setup just to give my fam back in the states an accurate representation of what we got cookin up in Costa Rica.

These are just a couple of pieces I saw and thought were super cute and I just had to add them!!

Their selection of shorts is unlimited!!

I have been wanting a cute pair of overalls like this for the looongest. I didn’t get them, but soon young grasshopper.

It was so clean in this Forever 21. Usually at the stores in the US everything is everywhere and no one knows where anything is and ugh it is terrible, but here it is impeccably organized.

Everybody here has fanny packs I have never seen so many in my life.

This was pretty much the setup of the store and I loooved it!

this all began with handwriting…

you know how in elementary school you were required to learn cursive to “improve your handwriting”

or whatever other bs reasons they gave to force you to make curvy letters for a grade. wellll, i was never really that good at it. like, i’m sure i was just as good as everybody else in third grade, but only knowing third grade cursive as a senior in high school didn’t seem very good to me. when i say that my cursive was terrible, i mean horrendous. like it looked like i never learned how to write at all. so, i took on the task of improving my cursive this month and everyday i write in cursive in my journal to improve my skillllsss. i think that cursive handwriting and calligraphy is so beautiful and in a way it made me upset that i couldn’t write like that. but, i know that i can do anything with repetition and belief in myself so this day on october 9th i have to say that my cursive is MUCH better than when i began this little journey nine days ago. after only a week and some I’m almost a new person because I’m looking at handwriting, mine and others, much differently.

also, i am quite appalled that children hardly have to handwrite anything anymore in school. being able to type is great and that has practically replaced handwriting completely. this is an epidemic and it is honestly sad. letters show so much more emotion than a text message. through writing letters you learn so much. you learn the value of time and how patience is extremely important in life. you learn how to express yourself through your handwriting and the words you use broadening your vocabulary and strengthening your lexicon. you learn how to be quiet and simply listen because when you are reading letters you can’t interrupt the person talking you can only read till the end and respond with a completely clear mind after having read their whole side of the story.

i am sure we all know that this is apart of a much larger changing in our society, though. don’t we? i mean… you only turn in homework digitally. children are learning their vocabulary through tv and games on an iPad or iPhone. the elderly are watching more tv than they are talking to their family. we only talk through text and FaceTime. how can we even begin to understand each other if we never see or touch each other? how can we know what the real meaning is behind someone’s words when all we can see behind them is a gray bubble?

i don’t know if I’m making this out to be more than it really is and i am not discrediting any of the innovation of our generation, but i will say many of the values that made us a unified people before are gone and it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. should i care?

tell me in the comments what you think about cursive and handwriting in general…

do you think there is an epidemic happening? do you think it is good or bad? or are you just neutral?


Tuesday, September 19, 2017. this is the day my obsession began. no, I’m not crazy and no I’m not a stalker or anything, but i do think i can say that my obsession has progressed to an addiction.

the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and I have admitted to my addiction, but i don’t think it is a problem. so, i am sure you are wondering and i won’t keep you guessing any longer (though from the featured image you already know). i am obsessed with scandal. yes, the tv show. if you have never watched the show, let me answer a couple of questions you must have. yes, the show is crazy. yes, many people die. yes, it involves the president (not cheeto puff, but a fictional president). yes, obviously, the show is addicting. and once you start, trust me, you cannot and frankly, you won’t want to stop.

i have been watching the show for a little over a week and a half and there hasn’t been a day where i didn’t watch AT LEAST one episode. season eight of scandal came out a few days ago and i am already on season six. there are approximately twenty episodes in each season sometimes less other times more, but that is a rough estimate. now, of course when you have an addiction you don’t get into it alone. you don’t do coke by yourself the first time or at least you don’t get into it alone. so, like an other addiction i began with two other people. my mom and my sister. who would’ve thought right. your family getting you into something. but then again your family also supports you right, in all of your endeavors. now my dad has also joined and we watch scandal everyday. like clockwork, scandal just plays on the tv. episode after episode after episode. but i love it. i love this show and it is crazy. frankly no one on this show is safe. Shonda Rhimes will play with your emotions (she is the writer and producer of this show). but then again that is her m.o. just like in grey’s anatomy (yet, another show i love) she will kill off anyone and the drama only gets wilder and wilder. i am not going to give any spoilers or explain exactly why i love this show because you just need to watch it and find out. i don’t know whether to recommend this show or not because it is great and everyone should watch, but also you shouldn’t watch if you actually want to keep living a life. with scandal, scandal is your life.

so i guess the answer to the title of this blogpost is yes. i am obsessed.

my music rotation – sept. 2017

my music rotation consists of new music, old music and everything in between. I like to rediscover music i’ve already listened to or find songs i didn’t listen to on albums that I loved. my music can also be any genre because i love music! i will listen to anything from classical to hip hop to rap to pop to rock to alternative to… well you get the idea. so these are the songs that have some heavy play from hellokhaiyah.

listen to the playlist as you read about the songs

Miguel – Skywalker, Coffee

Image result for miguel skywalker

skywalker is his new single. the song features travis scott and it has a “coolin’ it at the party” vibe. i don’t really know, it just has sweet vibes and i’m about it. i #loveit . coffee is a song from the “wildheart” album that came out two years ago. the song is literally talking about going to sleep and then waking up in the morning and it has that type of feel. sleeping to this song is nice because of the mellifluous voice of Miguel. #yesplease

Paramore – Misguided Ghosts, Hallelujah

Related image

misguided ghosts is a song from the “brand new eyes” album from about eight years ago. this song has been out for eight years and i listened to this album all the time and yet i had never heard this song before. who am i? anyway, this song is an acoustic which i especially like because if you know Paramore, they are an alternative band and it is difficult to find a song without an electric guitar or drums. Finding this completely acoustic, more heartfelt and slower songs was like i won the lottery. Hayley Williams’ voice is melodic and simple in this song with no screaming and not too many dynamics. The sheer simplicity of this song makes the song easier to connect to. hallelujah is a song from the “riot” album from ten years ago. i always skipped over this song and i’m not sure why because currently i am obsessed with it. contrary to misguided ghosts, hallelujah includes lots of guitar and more screaming, but also contrary to popular belief it isn’t displeasing to the ears. it actually sounds amazing. that is the only way i can put it. i love the buildup and climax near the end of the song where we get to a mini guitar solo and a stronger repeat of the chorus. this song is… amazing.

dvsn – With Me, Do It Well, The Line

Image result for dvsn

all three of these songs are from the “SEPT. 5TH” album that came out last year. i think this whole album consists of songs that you can listen to while laying on your bed and staring at the ceiling. i love those types of songs because you literally don’t have to do anything. all you have to do when you are listening to this album is get lost in the music. all three songs have lots of harmonies and a relaxed feel. i call these songs “get high” songs because i feel like this is what all music would sound like when you are high… not that i could even remotely know.

Brent Faiyaz – Invite Me

Related image

invite me is a song off of the “A.M. Paradox” EP. this song is about a guy basically telling a girl that beauty isn’t an issue for her and that she should “invite him” to “be with her”. this song has similar vibes to the dvsn album making it fall into “get high” song category or the “stare at the ceiling and think about life” category. honestly, i don’t if any of these songs can go into these categories anymore because i’ll listen to any song and stare at the ceiling so…

Frank Ocean – SoloRelated image

solo is on the “blonde” album that came out last year. i like this song because frank ocean’s rap/singing on top of this sort of organ/piano instrument with minimal background vocals make this song extremely raw. when we hit the chorus you can simply hear the passion and talent in ocean’s voice and through the powerful runs he uses. then at the end he seems to just be improving and they kind of sound like bird calls which may turn you off, but don’t! this song is #feels.

Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

Related image

unravel me is a single that came out this year. this song is categorized under R&B/Soul, but I also think it is kind of alternative just because of the way the chorus sounds honestly. her vocals are so soothing and the bass beat and claps work together to make the basis of the beat with little things added to make the song what it is and her lovely voice is like icing on the cake. i would highly recommend listening to her album “confidently lost” and her other single “belong to you” because they are bops and they all have the same #feels type feel (if that makes sense).

NAO – Dywm

Related image

dywm stands for “Do You Want Me” and this song is on the album “For All We Know” that came out last year. NAO has this very high light and somewhat airy voice and it contradicts well with the backing of the powerful bass guitar in the chorus and throughout the song. the backing vocals create harmonies that take this song to the top. the end of the song showcases these harmonies quite well and coincidentally this is also one of my favorite parts of the whole song.

Drake – Teenage Fever

Related image

teenage Fever is on the “More Life” album that came out this year. Now we all know Drake and honestly it will be endless if i try to describe my love for Drake and his beautiful voice. So just check this song out because like every other song i have put on this list it is also #feels. #ilovedrake #justinbieberisbetterthough ?

Chance the Rapper – Juke Jam

Related image

juke jam is from the “Coloring Book” album that released last year. First of all let me say, Chance the Rapper has this (i really don’t want to use this word, but for lack of a better one) “swagger” about him that really escapes well through his voice and his sing/rap/talk combo makes for a real low-key song. this song is way better than it should be actually because of my husband on the chorus. Justin Bieber sends this song to another stratosphere and it is a complete yes for me.

LOLAWOLF – House Key

Image result for lolawolf everyf*ckinday

house key is from the “Everyf*ckinday” EP that came out two years ago. this ep is categorized under R&B/Soul which I can understand because of the beat, but the way the voices are on top sounds alternative, but who am i to categorize songs, right? this song is much different than the other songs i have on this list, but what can i say “variety makes for a larger audience”. i heard this song on the movie “Before I Fall” which is an amazing movie btw, and I was like “yooooo, i like this song”. this song is basically about a guy needing to return the girls’ house key because the relationship is over. the whole ep is pretty cool and you should check it out.

Big Sean – Marvin & ChardonnayRelated image

so y’all know I had to do this. of course, I need a club banger on here. well this song isn’t necessarily a club banger, but it is more of a banger than Amy Winehouse. am i right? this song is from the “Finally Famous” album that came out six years ago. i think i love this song so much because of the catchy chorus and it also showcases old school Kanye which I love much better than this new Kanye, just saying. give this a listen when you want to pick up a party or just a pick me up honestly. this song is just a bop overall.

HAIM – Kept Me Crying

Related image

i love HAIM and i really loved their last album “days are gone” and I had been waiting and finally four years later… another album. kept me crying is from their new album that came out this year titled “Something to Tell You”. this song starts slow and kind of soft and it picks up lightly by the time the chorus hit with a somewhat acapella moment accompanied to claps. i think this is a good breakup song (not that i have any experience in that, trust me). also, the sisters’ intuitive harmonies in this song are just blasé blasé.

21 Savage – Thug Life

Related image

yesssssssss! I know you have been waiting for 21 Savage and so have i. i #love 21 Savage, his “Slaughter King” album was on repeat for a solid… year. thug life is on the new “Issa Album” that came out this year. the song begins with an old school sample of En Vogue’s “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” kind of tricks you into thinking this song will be soft, but he still comes into this song saying all the same things he said in his past albums. I do have to say “Issa Album” is a bit less “shoot, kill, imma blood” than the past albums which is what many people liked about him, but “Issa Album” is still litty. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Amy Winehouse – Some Unholy War

Related image

Amy Amy Amy. some unholy war is from the “Back to Black” album that came out 11 years ago. i love this song because of the authentic feel with all of the real instruments and the kind of “doo wop” vocals in the background paired with Amy’s raspy and harsh yet smooth voice. her passion as we enter the end of the song gives me chills and if you ever want to hear real music, this is where you should go.

Madison Beer – Dead

Image result for madison beer dead

i think we all knew i was going to put a pop song on here because really who is hellokhaiyah? i don’t know. if you find out let me know. this single came out this year and i just think it had to be included because minus the chorus the song actually has an R&B type feel which really drew me in when i first heard the song. the chorus kind of grows on you, but i think they only made the chorus “pop-like” to “fit the mold” i think they could’ve went a much better direction with the chorus. the words are actually really funny “if you say you can’t live without me, why aren’t you dead yet?” i feel like that is to all those creepy guys that just won’t give it up like, dude, leave me alone, lol.

Travis Scott – through the late night

Related image

this song is from the “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” that was released last year. i am so in love with this song because of Kid Cudi’s vocals throughout the beginning. Can we just come to a consensus that he is the best “hummer” ever. Like literally in the beginning of the song he is just humming and making little riffs with his voice and it sounds so soothing and melodic and amazing and now i am fan girling. oh, travis scott’s part is pretty good, too.

Miley Cyrus – Inspired

Related image

inspired is a single that came out this year and yes it is pop. what is a music rotation without a lil Miley. so this song is very simple and acoustic. it sounds like one of those songs you just come up with while your with friends and it just comes out naturally. that is what i love about this song. i also think many people forget that Miley can actually sing. like she isn’t like all of those other Disney stars that just have an album for the heck of it. like her dad is Billy Ray for goodness sakes. when she belts the notes out it actually sounds beautiful and it is much more difficult than you might think to yell out a note like that and stay on key and not sound like you are trying to kill horses so, applauds from me Miley.

Kanye West – Through the Wire

Related image

through the wire is from the College Dropout album that came out 14 years ago. first of all i love this song because old school Kanye is the best Kanye. second, i love this song because here he is rapping about real things and his real life experience, now he raps about things that don’t particularly mean anything to, well… me anymore. regular people can’t relate to balling out in Givenchy, but people still like that music so, who am i, right?

Sonder – Feel

Related image

this song is from the “Into” album that came out this year. this song is literally the epitome of #feels. I mean, come on, the name of the song is literally “FEEL”. that is enough evidence for me. about to go listen to this song and stare at the ceiling brb. anyway, i just like the low-key aspect of this song and the light voice on top singing about how a girl must not be able to feel what she wants anymore and she doesn’t love.

Daniel Caesar – Get You

Image result for daniel caesar get you

get you was a single, but now it is featured on his new album “Freudian” that came out this year. i like this song because it is really unbelievable that the voice in the song is coming out of the guy in the picture. it also just has the #feels and i think you have begun to see the trend folks.

One Direction – If I Could Fly

Image result for one direction made in the a.m

okay. okay. i know what you are saying. khaiyah what the heck? one direction? are you kidding me? no i am not kidding you and honestly i am genuinely sorry i have included them on this list, but it had to be done because this song just kicks all the emotions into high gear and i like when a song can make you feel real emotions and that is the only reason it is on the list. btw, if i could fly is from the “Made in the A.M.” album from two years ago.

Bryson Tiller – MoneyProblems/BenzTruck

Image result for bryson tiller true to self

what is a rotation without my main man B. Tiller? this song is off of the “True to Self” album that came out this year. I like this song because of the beat and because it just talks about his glo up and I like when artists can rap about where they came from and how no one believed in them and they came out on top. i love a good “started from the bottom” story.

Jon Bellion – Guillotine

Related image

guillotine is a song from “the human condition” album that came out last year. i love guillotine because it incorporates many different types of songs into one. and i can’t explain it any better than the man himself. Jon uploaded a whole video about the making of this song and i think this will make you like the song just as much as me.

Jeremih – Paradise

Related image

paradise is from the late nights album that came out two years ago. please do not judge me for this… i heard this song on the end of a keeping up with the kardashians episode. DO NOT judge this song simply because of that because this song has a very nice vibe. the song sounds kind of solemn with the acoustic guitar playing in the background and jeremih’s silky vocals in front.

Kendrick Lamar – LUST. , LOVE.

Related image

LUST. and LOVE. are both off of the DAMN. album that came out this year. LUST. begins with a riff that repeats and plays throughout the entire song. every time i hear this song i just want to completely focus on the song and bob my head because it just has that aura about it. his rhymes in this song are so effortless that you aren’t as focused only on them as you are the feel of the entire song. not to mention the chorus is catchy in a weird sort of way. speaking of catchy choruses LOVE. was on repeat in my brain for a solid three months before i listened to anything else. was it just me or did we all think that ZACARI sounded just like Justin Bieber on this song and that he probably would’ve sounded amazing on it? just me? okay. anyway, LOVE. starts with ZACARI singing oh so beautifully the catchy chorus i was talking about and in this he sings a beautiful falsetto that just had to be acknowledged. this song has a peaceful vibe to it and then the bass comes in and the drum hit making the song yet another bop. Kendrick’s flow in this song is so easy to listen to and catch on to quickly. while we are on Kendrick Lamar i completely recommend this whole album because even though some of the songs are a little overplayed the whole album was amazing when it came out and it still is. give it a listen.

Sam Hunt – Drinkin’ Too Much

Image result for sam hunt drinkin too much

drinkin’ too much is a single that came out this year and it is categorized under country. can i just say that i love Sam Hunt? i really do. his country style is not only tolerable, but very enjoyable. you’ll find that country music isn’t my first choice, but if you can give me a good country artist to listen to that i can vibe with, i’m all about it. i think i especially like his style and this song specifically because of his sing/talk talent. he literally talks on top of a beat and then sings at the chorus which also by the way sounds completely amazing. he has this voice like, you know when you are talking at night and you are kind of tired and you are gonna fall asleep, but you don’t quite want to stop talking because the conversation you are having is too good? this song has that kind of vibe, but ten times better with his singing. check it out.

Sleeping At Last-Sun,Turning Page,Saturn

Related image

sun is from the atlas: space 1 – EP that came out 4 years ago. I absolutely love the light and airy voice of Ryan O’Neal because it is so strong yet light and beautiful… very serene. these are the type of songs that make you think really hard about your life and kind of want to cry because of how lucky you are. i really love the piano in this song and how intricate the music is in general. it reminds me so much of an orchestra and when they pay behind a singer. by the second half of the song we have hit the climax and everything is strong and then it starts to tone down again at the end to just pull you right back into the song just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. the songs of Sleeping At Last are the type of songs you dance to whether it be contemporary or lyrical or maybe even ballet. Turning Page is a single that came out six years ago. the song starts with a melodic piano solo and Ryan enters in softly. I wouldn’t be the best person ever if i didn’t tell you that they included this song in Grey’s Anatomy and that just makes this song ten times better because it will give you all the feels of the episode every time you listen to it. Saturn is from the Albas: Year One album that came out 4 years ago. Saturn starts peacefully with a violin and what sounds like a cello, but i could be very wrong because i do not play these instruments though i really really wish i did. at the one minute mark the piano comes in and seems to take over the lead spot in instruments with still no singing from Ryan until around two minutes and some. still coming in peacefully and growing with the instruments in unison.

John Mayer – Neon, Free Fallin’, In Your Atmosphere

Image result for john mayer where the light is wallpaper

i listened to all of the songs on the Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles album because the best versions of John are live versions. am i right? or am i wrong? let me know in the comments. neon is the first song and the album and also coincidentally the first song i listen to and the first song i fell in love with on the album. i played this song two times a day everyday for a month. no joke. this live version starts with John doing this long riff on his guitar and he starts to sing around the one minute and thirty second mark. his raspy and strong voice make the whole crowd mesmerized and enraptured in his talent. the song grows and falls and it is beautiful. by the way this is a pop album that came out ten years ago. free fallin’ is such a good one and i love it because it has that feel where you are in the backyard of your friends’ house and y’all are just singing songs together at night. in your atmosphere also… starts with a guitar! are you surprised? this song is much like the other two in relation to the vibe, but very different in it’s own right because of the words and chords etc etc, but this one also just stuck with me for no particular reason. I first heard this songs on Monica Church’s vlog channel and it was a bop then much like it is now.

ZAYN – fOol fOr YoU

Image result for zayn mind of mine

this song is from the Mind of Mine album that came out last year and it is categorized as pop. when i heard that ZAYN was no longer in One Direction I was kind of sad for them, but then immediately happy for ZAYN because that is what he had wanted forever. I like this song particularly because it shows off his vocals very well especially his falsetto cause he is hitting those notes honey. this song begins with piano and then ZAYN enters very peacefully, but i promise the song has so much feeling and the power comes in later.

A Boogie wit da Hoodie – Artist

Image result for a boogie wit da hoodie

artist is from the album artist that came out last year. I listen to songs on this album all the time, especially my sh*t, and i never heard the song artist. i listened to it a couple weeks ago and now i haven’t been able to turn it off. A Boogie wit da Hoodie has a distinct kind of voice and the rapping in this song is combined with singing and it just makes me want to move my shoulders to the beat as it plays cause this song is lit. trust me, i don’t think this would be played in the club, but loud in the car at night on the highway is the perfect scene for this song.

Mac Miller – My Favorite Part

Image result for mac miller divine feminine wallpaper

my favorite part is from the album the divine feminine that came out last year. this song features his now girlfriend Ariana Grande which adds a certain spirit to the song that just gives it this old school feel and flow. Mac singing in this song is oddly beautiful because he isn’t about to win any best singer awards, but the words he is singing and his effort doesn’t sound bad. when Ariana’s voice comes up in the second half of the song everything comes together to beauty and that is why this song is a good listen.

if you have made it to the end of this very very long post, CONGRATS you just got lots and lots of fresh new music for your rotation! let me know, which songs you like and those you don’t in the comments. ALSO tell me some of the songs in your rotation right now because i need new music despite what you might think this list isn’t enough. LASTLY there are many many more songs that i know of and listen that just didn’t happen to make it on the list, but i love all music so don’t be afraid to make suggestions!! thanks for reading this post ?

hellokhaiyah <3


I’m finally in Costa Rica! And let me just say this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Literally, my family and I have packed up our entire life (albeit we let more than enough go) and came to Costa Rica. ? We are currently living in Puriscal in this amazing home. It really is beautiful. Most of the beauty comes from the view which let me say is breathtaking. This is because we are in the mountains and we can see everything from here. Even the water! (Which I haven’t seen yet myself, I’ve only heard about it… but I believe it is true!) One thing I didn’t think I would see up here were… cows. I hear them and see them all the time. Morning, afternoon, night… cows. It is honestly insane. The same way you’ll see goats on the side of mountains, this was the cows. On the side of the mountains just… chilling. I was appalled and honestly I still am. Not to mention these cows look nothing like the cows in the United States. (So people the cows you are eating aren’t real!!! They are pumped with hormones and they are terrible for your bodies.) These cows look like… horses. Of course you can tell when a cow is a cow, but these cows were muscular and built. They looked like they could actually run, while all the other cows I’ve ever seen in my life looked like they could barely walk. Just sad. Sad, sad, sad.

Like I said we are living in the mountains, but despite that the air here is so much clearer and fresher. Whenever I used to go outside it was just for air, but here I’m getting fresh air and you can feel the difference. Speaking of, the temperature is always great here. It doesn’t really even get to 80 degrees and there is always a breeze. In the midday you could be outside and still get all your vitamin d without burning up. This is a major plus for me because I like, never went outside in the US. Like, ever. I’m not bashing the US because I love the United States. It is an amazing place and to be completely honest, when I’m done traveling the world (who knows when that will be) I will most likely come back to live there. Let’s hope by then it isn’t overrun with conspiracies and dirty people in the government anymore.

I also believe that being here is allowing me to find another (much better) version of myself. I hope that when I leave Costa Rica, I will leave more in tune with my body and more aware of myself. I hope that when I leave Costa Rica, I will be the best me I have been in my entire life.

P.S. there are lots of bugs. lots. i even saw a scorpion. yikes. oh and dogs. no leashes. just dogs. everywhere.


hellokhaiyah <3