Unlike the other questions that were topics for my previous posts, no one asks me this question and that might seem a little egotistical like “no one asks me where my social life is, i’m soo popular”. That’s not necessarily the case. They don’t ask because of the way they view my life from the outside. So, now you may be like, “if no one is asking, why are you talking about it?” well I’m glad you asked.

This is a question I ask myself.

Let me take you through a typical day with me: wake up, all the bathroom stuff, dress, work on various business endeavors throughout the day while possibly watching movies, shower, eat, work, bed. It’s just that. Everyday, without fail.

Do I miss talking to other people than my family in person on a regular basis? Absolutely. Do I think the way I live can hinder making long term friendships? Sometimes. Do I regret any decisions I’ve made up to this point? Never.

Sometimes I question things I’ve decided, but I don’t wish I didn’t do it.

Back to my nonexistent social life. Basically, I text or call people I care about, that I can’t see and I talk to my family in person. It probably seems a bit unconventional, but everything I do is unconventional.

I don’t know if we can consider this post a success because I didn’t find out where my social life is, but I’m sure it’ll come out of hiding soon.