That’s a really good question, actually. And sometimes I don’t know the answer myself, but I will offer you a bit of insight into the thought process we use here at TeamBz for decision making.

To start we lay out every option we have for whatever situation it is be it, dinner or travel or our next house. We lay out every single option and typically everyone is involved in these conversations. Since everyone wants to participate in the activities everyone gets a vote to what we do and when and how we do it.

Many people think in the lifestyle we live that we as “children” have been forced to live this way. While sometimes this lifestyle isn’t easy, it is something we all chose to do.

After we’ve got all of our options, just like anyone else, we weigh the pros and cons of each option and then factor what we want to do.

It is common for other people to make decisions based on their financials, but we look at it more from a standpoint of what do we want to do and no matter how much that is, we work towards that goal because it is what we want.

There is nothing more constraining than trying to live your life from a place of where you are right now. Anything can happen in any second of any day and your whole life could change. Wouldn’t you rather live your life to the fullest every day?