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College or Business

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Did you go to college? Have you created a business? Do you want to go to college or would you rather start a business? Which should you do first? Let’s talk about it this week.

How Do You Make Decisions In A Household Full of Adults?

It’s hard to make decisions when everyone wants a say, this is a little look into how we at TeamBz handle decision making.

Through The Fire

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Oh the good things fire will do for you, but this is not one of them.  Join us on this episode where we will explain this “bad fire idea.” I AM T-SHIRT AND SWEATSHIRTS Our TeamBz Swag is here

Prenuptial Agreements, What’s The Point

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We are continuing where we left off last week, yes, we are talking prenuptial agreements (pre-numps)! Should you get one or should you not? Grab your I AM T-Shirts and Sweatshirts Partner with TeamBz

Parenting – Your Thought Process

Being a parent these days can be challenging.  But Richbz is here to give you a different way to look at and approach the subject of parenting.  We hope this nugget can help you be successful at it.

#4 – GMO Snow

Episode 4 – GMO Snow  In the News – Winter Olympics 2022, A hard conversation about, “Under Age Drinking!”  And Drake vs Meek Mills – “The Twitter BEEF” and more. We have some sound issues but we are working to make it better but the content is still good.  This is what happens when you have a live […]