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what exactly comes to your mind when you hear the word. the channel, the movies, the actors, the theme parks, the music, the fairytale. whatever it is you think about, i think both you and i know that Disney is an empire. everything that Disney does is on purpose and is extremely intricate. i am saying all of this to simply say… “WHAT THE HECK!” every single time i get pulled into the Disney wormhole, that is all i can say.

specifically, i am referencing the connection between all of the cartoon Disney movies. apparently, they are all connected in some way and that this was also done ON PURPOSE by the creators. can you believe that? because i can. i have no choice, all of these “theories” about the connections are extremely convincing and i believe them every single time. it all makes so much more sense this way. i am definitely not going to go into all the details or even the minor things about how all of the movies are connected because it is much to detailed and tedious to describe it all, but i know if you read the theories you will believe it, too.

because, honestly, isn’t that the purpose of Disney? to make you believe….

and, wait there is more! the Pixar movies do the exact same thing! so i’ll include links to those theories as well.

check out these sites that give seriously convincing arguments as to how some of the cartoon Disney movies are connected:

The Pixar Theory


I already know that many of my people back in the States have misconstrued ideas about my new location (Costa Rica). One of the main things is that I live in a hut, I don’t have internet, etc etc.

I will put these ideas to rest: I live pretty much the same as I did in the US. While I don’t have a car here and I’m not fluent in the language everything else is pretty much the same with minor differences. Soooooo, now that I’ve cleared that up, another thing that no one thought was here… MALLS. There are shopping malls here and I have to say they are much better than the malls in North Carolina. The Alajuela City Mall has like four floors and hospitals underneath it with parking garages, plus outdoor restaurants and shops. They have car dealerships in this mall, tattoo shops, a food court, nail and hair salons, and all the regular clothes, handbag, shoe and accessory shops. Even though they have all of these shops and stores I am always surprised when they have these huge Forever 21’s everywhere. At another mall I went to they had the two story Forever 21 and I am just like “YES” every time I see one. Although Forever 21 seems to be overwhelming with all of the colors and choices, I always know that any Forever 21 store is up to date on all of the latest fashion trends around the world. So while I was at the mall this time, I took pictures in this Forever 21 of the clothes and the store setup just to give my fam back in the states an accurate representation of what we got cookin up in Costa Rica.

These are just a couple of pieces I saw and thought were super cute and I just had to add them!!

Their selection of shorts is unlimited!!

I have been wanting a cute pair of overalls like this for the looongest. I didn’t get them, but soon young grasshopper.

It was so clean in this Forever 21. Usually at the stores in the US everything is everywhere and no one knows where anything is and ugh it is terrible, but here it is impeccably organized.

Everybody here has fanny packs I have never seen so many in my life.

This was pretty much the setup of the store and I loooved it!

this all began with handwriting…

you know how in elementary school you were required to learn cursive to “improve your handwriting”

or whatever other bs reasons they gave to force you to make curvy letters for a grade. wellll, i was never really that good at it. like, i’m sure i was just as good as everybody else in third grade, but only knowing third grade cursive as a senior in high school didn’t seem very good to me. when i say that my cursive was terrible, i mean horrendous. like it looked like i never learned how to write at all. so, i took on the task of improving my cursive this month and everyday i write in cursive in my journal to improve my skillllsss. i think that cursive handwriting and calligraphy is so beautiful and in a way it made me upset that i couldn’t write like that. but, i know that i can do anything with repetition and belief in myself so this day on october 9th i have to say that my cursive is MUCH better than when i began this little journey nine days ago. after only a week and some I’m almost a new person because I’m looking at handwriting, mine and others, much differently.

also, i am quite appalled that children hardly have to handwrite anything anymore in school. being able to type is great and that has practically replaced handwriting completely. this is an epidemic and it is honestly sad. letters show so much more emotion than a text message. through writing letters you learn so much. you learn the value of time and how patience is extremely important in life. you learn how to express yourself through your handwriting and the words you use broadening your vocabulary and strengthening your lexicon. you learn how to be quiet and simply listen because when you are reading letters you can’t interrupt the person talking you can only read till the end and respond with a completely clear mind after having read their whole side of the story.

i am sure we all know that this is apart of a much larger changing in our society, though. don’t we? i mean… you only turn in homework digitally. children are learning their vocabulary through tv and games on an iPad or iPhone. the elderly are watching more tv than they are talking to their family. we only talk through text and FaceTime. how can we even begin to understand each other if we never see or touch each other? how can we know what the real meaning is behind someone’s words when all we can see behind them is a gray bubble?

i don’t know if I’m making this out to be more than it really is and i am not discrediting any of the innovation of our generation, but i will say many of the values that made us a unified people before are gone and it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. should i care?

tell me in the comments what you think about cursive and handwriting in general…

do you think there is an epidemic happening? do you think it is good or bad? or are you just neutral?


Tuesday, September 19, 2017. this is the day my obsession began. no, I’m not crazy and no I’m not a stalker or anything, but i do think i can say that my obsession has progressed to an addiction.

the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and I have admitted to my addiction, but i don’t think it is a problem. so, i am sure you are wondering and i won’t keep you guessing any longer (though from the featured image you already know). i am obsessed with scandal. yes, the tv show. if you have never watched the show, let me answer a couple of questions you must have. yes, the show is crazy. yes, many people die. yes, it involves the president (not cheeto puff, but a fictional president). yes, obviously, the show is addicting. and once you start, trust me, you cannot and frankly, you won’t want to stop.

i have been watching the show for a little over a week and a half and there hasn’t been a day where i didn’t watch AT LEAST one episode. season eight of scandal came out a few days ago and i am already on season six. there are approximately twenty episodes in each season sometimes less other times more, but that is a rough estimate. now, of course when you have an addiction you don’t get into it alone. you don’t do coke by yourself the first time or at least you don’t get into it alone. so, like an other addiction i began with two other people. my mom and my sister. who would’ve thought right. your family getting you into something. but then again your family also supports you right, in all of your endeavors. now my dad has also joined and we watch scandal everyday. like clockwork, scandal just plays on the tv. episode after episode after episode. but i love it. i love this show and it is crazy. frankly no one on this show is safe. Shonda Rhimes will play with your emotions (she is the writer and producer of this show). but then again that is her m.o. just like in grey’s anatomy (yet, another show i love) she will kill off anyone and the drama only gets wilder and wilder. i am not going to give any spoilers or explain exactly why i love this show because you just need to watch it and find out. i don’t know whether to recommend this show or not because it is great and everyone should watch, but also you shouldn’t watch if you actually want to keep living a life. with scandal, scandal is your life.

so i guess the answer to the title of this blogpost is yes. i am obsessed.