what exactly comes to your mind when you hear the word. the channel, the movies, the actors, the theme parks, the music, the fairytale. whatever it is you think about, i think both you and i know that Disney is an empire. everything that Disney does is on purpose and is extremely intricate. i am saying all of this to simply say… “WHAT THE HECK!” every single time i get pulled into the Disney wormhole, that is all i can say.

specifically, i am referencing the connection between all of the cartoon Disney movies. apparently, they are all connected in some way and that this was also done ON PURPOSE by the creators. can you believe that? because i can. i have no choice, all of these “theories” about the connections are extremely convincing and i believe them every single time. it all makes so much more sense this way. i am definitely not going to go into all the details or even the minor things about how all of the movies are connected because it is much to detailed and tedious to describe it all, but i know if you read the theories you will believe it, too.

because, honestly, isn’t that the purpose of Disney? to make you believe….

and, wait there is more! the Pixar movies do the exact same thing! so i’ll include links to those theories as well.

check out these sites that give seriously convincing arguments as to how some of the cartoon Disney movies are connected:




The Pixar Theory