I already know that many of my people back in the States have misconstrued ideas about my new location (Costa Rica). One of the main things is that I live in a hut, I don’t have internet, etc etc.

I will put these ideas to rest: I live pretty much the same as I did in the US. While I don’t have a car here and I’m not fluent in the language everything else is pretty much the same with minor differences. Soooooo, now that I’ve cleared that up, another thing that no one thought was here… MALLS. There are shopping malls here and I have to say they are much better than the malls in North Carolina. The Alajuela City Mall has like four floors and hospitals underneath it with parking garages, plus outdoor restaurants and shops. They have car dealerships in this mall, tattoo shops, a food court, nail and hair salons, and all the regular clothes, handbag, shoe and accessory shops. Even though they have all of these shops and stores I am always surprised when they have these huge Forever 21’s everywhere. At another mall I went to they had the two story Forever 21 and I am just like “YES” every time I see one. Although Forever 21 seems to be overwhelming with all of the colors and choices, I always know that any Forever 21 store is up to date on all of the latest fashion trends around the world. So while I was at the mall this time, I took pictures in this Forever 21 of the clothes and the store setup just to give my fam back in the states an accurate representation of what we got cookin up in Costa Rica.

These are just a couple of pieces I saw and thought were super cute and I just had to add them!!

Their selection of shorts is unlimited!!

I have been wanting a cute pair of overalls like this for the looongest. I didn’t get them, but soon young grasshopper.

It was so clean in this Forever 21. Usually at the stores in the US everything is everywhere and no one knows where anything is and ugh it is terrible, but here it is impeccably organized.

Everybody here has fanny packs I have never seen so many in my life.

This was pretty much the setup of the store and I loooved it!