As you may know, we have been speaking to the subject of starting, managing, growing and working with family in a family business on our podcast, Another One.

Now that it’s all over (i’m not crying, you’re crying) we wanted to ensure you have one comprehensive list with all of the tips we gave in each episode. You can find everything you need below…

Starting A Family Business

Have an ultimate goal

Have a product or service

Have a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 5 year plan

Know why you are doing what you’re doing

Do something you love

How To Manage A Family Business

Know who’s in charge/Who is spearheading the business

Know your role/Responsibilities

Always check the books

Know your profit and your loss

Figure out what works and stick to it

Meetings and Communication

Ways To Grow A Family Business

Know your audience

Market, Market, Market

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there/tell people who you are and what you’re doing

Use your platforms, all of them

Don’t be afraid to spend money

Know your resources

Working With Family

What is it like working with family?

How do you manage to separate personal and business?

How do you determine how money is dispersed?

Do you charge each other for services or products even though they’re family?

How do you distinguish between when you need to keep trying and when it just isn’t working with family?

Disagreements/Arguments will happen

Responsibility and Trust

After you have listened to all of the episodes make sure you and your family start your family business. Step out on faith and do something different so you can achieve something different.