in our recent podcasts we gave some tips to have and run a successful business but to get there here’s some advice to really put the FAM in FAMILY (lol that was weak, i know but i didn’t have a better one).

doing activities together
my family and i do lots of activities together like: watching tv shows/movies, listening to music, eating dinner (and this is a huge one, i didn’t know so many families don’t sit down and eat dinner together), and workout together.
doing these activities forms a “bond,” if you will. you start to move together — how many times can you get three or more people focused on the same thing? not very often. so imagine how your family can be set apart from the rest if you all could literally just focus on the same thing.
this shows unity and cohesiveness. 

having your space
in the same breath that you do things together you have to have time apart. it’s important to create time together, but just as much as you want to spend time with them you have to spend time with yourself (or even other people outside of your). 
having space to breathe is important because you don’t want to suffocate the people you love. my mom gave me a super good example: if you suffocate a flame — you put it out, if you suffocate a person — they die. it’s kind of morbid, but it’s true. too much of anything can kill you and if you want your family to be productive sometimes you have to get away from each other.

one thing about my family is that we talk. a lot. about everything. we’re always talking about everything. literally, someone’s mouth is always moving! the more you tell someone things the more you can hold them accountable for what’s been said to them. 
we have text messages for every business or family thing. this is so we can go back and see what’s been said, we have a record, and can hold people to it. communication is the key to everything.

how do you and you family operate?