in the infinite amount of wisdom my dad is always willing to spill he’s always told me:

  1. you never know who you might run into. at the time i was extremely obsessed with justin bieber and he told me “what if i accidentally bumped into him at the store driving through north carolina.” and it made me realize at any given moment you could meet someone and that will be the day you decide to run to the store real quick wearing sweats and a pizza stained white tank. that’ll be the day you won’t ever forget.
  2. you can miss an opportunity. most people judge others by their appearance and based off of your appearance you can receive opportunities, but if you don’t look your best (or what someone is looking for) these opportunities can be missed. someone could appoint you in the middle of the mall to be their personal shopper or stylist because you dress so nicely.
  3. you feel good about yourself. you’re more likely to do better work when you look good. your confidence level will be high and your confidence will spill over into your work. who doesn’t want to feel important and right? because you’ll always feel right with right outfit.

do you have any reasonings why you should always look your best? let me know in the comments below.