i’m not quite sure if i was forced to falling in love with podcasts (through having my own called “another one“) or what, but podcasts are the new wave. honestly, if you’re totally into having conversations or listening to people’s opinions then this is for you.

it’s taken me some trial and error to find podcasts that i like, but i’ll share my favorites:

3. Call Your Girlfriend

this podcast is about two best friends talking about what’s new in politics and pop culture. this podcast is like eavesdropping in on one of their phone calls (which is exactly that). i’ve just started the podcast but it is definitely one of my favorites.

2. Serial

now, this is the first podcast i ever listened to and i first heard it in my forensics class my senior year of high school. your host, sarah, leads you on a journey to find the truth about a girl who went missing her senior year of high school. and that’s just season one.

1. The Read

the read is my all-time favorite podcast hands down. i was hooked from the first episode. honestly, it’s like having a conversation with all my girl friends from school. the hosts serve so much ‘tude and they’re obsessed with Beyonce. they read different news topics in pop culture and give their opinion about everything and don’t care who you are. i love it!

podcasts are for everyone and kind of person. they have podcasts that are about any topic you can imagine. for all my iPhone users its in that app called podcasts (it’s probably hidden away in that folder that has all the apps that you can’t delete off your phone, but don’t use) that you can look for different things you want to hear. it’s almost like having best friends and joining in on their conversation.

have you heard my new podcast with my siblings? it’s called slightly raw, you should definitely check it out!

do you listen to podcasts? what are your favorites? are there any that i should check out? let me know in the comments below.