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Overcoming Business Stress

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This week the title says it all. We know everyone has challenges in business so how do you handle it, what are some things you have to think about to stay ahead. We hope this episode empowers you to keep going, even you have to restructure your business.

Where is Your Social Life?

What is a social life? What kind of life so you have to lead to have one? Is it required for maximum normalcy?

College or Business

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Did you go to college? Have you created a business? Do you want to go to college or would you rather start a business? Which should you do first? Let’s talk about it this week.

Falling In Love With Podcasts and Why You Should Start Listening to Them

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i’m not quite sure if i was forced to falling in love with podcasts (through having my own called “another one“) or what, but podcasts are the new wave. honestly, if you’re totally into having conversations or listening to people’s opinions then this is for you.

Would You Rather Pt. 2

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Here we go with another one.  Yes another episode of Another One “Would You Rather” part 2.  This one is a doozie…

Being Real with Myself

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My life has radically changed, some aspects are good but others are a little more challenging to deal with and this is what I’m talking about today.

International Travel Frustrations

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This episode we reveal where #Teambz is going and the winner of the contest!  Then we go right into some of our frustrations with fitting all of our stuff into suitcases and keeping costs down for international travel.

Social Media – the ins and outs

This week we go over a couple of social media platforms, #Teambz style. So you know there is gonna be at least one rant! Sponsor – DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Music: Background – Beast inside Beats Sponsor Music – iRich

Resurrection Sunday Show

Happy Resurrection Sunday! As we celebrate our risen living king, we are deciding to not do a live show today. However, tomorrow on iTunes you will get a new show episode. This episode will feature a real life story from Khadijahrbz that you are gonna wanna hear. (No spoilers here) If you are not subscribed […]

#23 – What’s Happening Now and The Medial Industry

The title say’s it all.  We are talking about where the show is going and our new https://teambz.com website.  We want you to connect with us and let us know what you want us to talk about to make the show better.  And you know how we do so it will be full of fun […]