My life has radically changed, some aspects are good but others are a little more challenging to deal with and this is what I’m talking about today.

I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly since I have left the United States (US).  I have been able to see some amazing things I would have never seen before if I stayed in the US.  However, the experience is more of what I’m talking about here today, not the sights.

RichBz standing on a balconyI have been able to take some time to look at my life. I have never been able to see my life in this light while I was  living in the US.  I have talked to some people in my life before I left and they were genuinely excited about my journey, yet others knew they couldn’t do anything about it and would have to deal with this internally but they were not happy about my moving out of the country.

What people have to realize is you have to live your life, just like I have to live my life.

This move is not something I am doing for anyone else, save my wife and kids. I do not want my kids growing up and not having the opportunity to experience other cultures while having the safety and comfortability of being with the rest of the team. This can be a challenge at the current ages of my kids.  I feel it may have been better, or better yet easier, moving when they were younger.  My thoughts are based on their maturity and the way young adults and teenagers seem to always have something to say about everything.  It’s as if I am being judged with every move I make.  Challenge Uno!

We are dealing with an environment that is not as forgiving as in the US.  This is due to the availability of the emergency response agencies, e.g. police, fire, and medical.  I’m using the word forgiving because if I get into trouble in the US my experience is I can call 911 and assistance will be on the way.  (Don’t listen to Flava Flav.)

But being here I realized help is on it’s way is not the case very early in my time here unless I was in a major city.  This caused me to think twice before doing things like climbing on a ladder or getting into a fight with someone because they are whistling at my daughters.

The real thought process should be, be overly cautious and think twice before moving once.  But when in Costa Rica it is all about Pura Vida! (Pure Life) .  This basically means it is no rush for anything.  Challenge Dos

Whether you live here or are on vacation it doesn’t matter, you too will have to wait and be patient.

Let’s get back to the real!  We have dealt with people staring at us, guy whistling at my girls, and yelling out “BLACK PEOPLE!!!” It is weird when we go somewhere and the only people who look like us are with us.  That alone makes it stick out when people are staring at us.

Once I realized there are people who have never been outside of their country, or better yet their city, or even better their neighborhood and immediate circle that is when I understood grace has to be given from my side because I have been exposed to more types, nationalities, and classes of people than they have.  Challenge Tres

Grace has to be given!

What I am realizing is people have their perspective about my life, my team, our move, our financial status, and our businesses but I am asking for you to stay connected with us here on and on

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We only need you to understand that we know there are those who will not be able to deal with everything that happens in our life, this is the reason we choose to be honest yet sensitive about our privacy in certain areas.  We have always been a private team, so trust me when I say this is very transparent in comparison to our past because not many people have stepped out and done what we are doing and we want you guys to come with us.


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