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Touring with TeamBz

We imagine a world where more people committed themselves to live beyond what society considers success. A world where people pour out of themselves into the lives of others to help, to heal, to love. Your donation will assist us in our goal to share seeds of goodness and plant hope, throughout America. We plan […]


You want to know who is TeamBz? This video answers many of the questions you may have plus more. In this confessional, we open up about our travels, life changes, and our past. Enjoy #BzBodies. WE OUT!!! Vote for TeamBz to be the experience officer with Cancun.com: teambz.com/vote

Boiling Bananas with Bz

Green Banana Boiled in Skin

Khadijah RBz prepares break-fast for the fam consisting of green bananas. Take a peek at how she prepared the meal.


Yoga Mens Edition

  the men take over the sticks & they did a pretty good job.

TeamBz Live Q/A

Q/A Youtube Live Show Times Flyer

Live stream begins on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 at 7:15 EST. We will be answering your questions.  Make sure you share with others who may have talked about leaving the US or those who have a family but think it’s not possible. We know you have questions, so we ask that you submit your questions […]

Being Real with Myself

Rich thinking on a balcony

My life has radically changed, some aspects are good but others are a little more challenging to deal with and this is what I’m talking about today.


Today was a challenge but also fun. Bags on our heads, bags on our heads… Lookin’ like some fools with the bags on our heads.

My Favorite US Vegan Breakfast Foods with Costa Rican Coffee:

Money in Costa Rica: Dollars or Colones

Costa Rican Colones Picture

When we got off the plane in SJO – Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, I went over to the currency exchange and changed $100 US dollars to colones. I ended up getting ₡ 49463,23

I was like wooo, I’m RICH!!!

In A Country Where Nobody Looks Like You

Another One Logo

TeamBz has finally made it to Costa Rica!!! This week we are talking about being in a country where nobody looks like you.  This really is disturbing…

Thank You!

We want to thank you for listening over the past 3 weeks to our live show turned podcast.  We took your suggestion and made it available on iTunes and it is going great. We have had a great increase in listeners. Much more than we had listening to the live show on Youtube