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You want to know who is TeamBz? This video answers many of the questions you may have plus more. In this confessional, we open up about our travels, life changes, and our past. Enjoy #BzBodies. WE OUT!!! Vote for TeamBz to be the experience officer with Cancun.com: teambz.com/vote

Being Real with Myself

Rich thinking on a balcony

My life has radically changed, some aspects are good but others are a little more challenging to deal with and this is what I’m talking about today.

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 1 – Suitcase

Richbz holding a Suitcase

When you are preparing for traveling out of the country there are certain considerations you must account for. This is the first installment in the “RichBz International Travel Item’s Series”.

#TeamBz has a HUGE announcement

Another One Logo

#Teambz is back with a special announcement.  Not too much to say here because we want you to listen to this episode.  Just know it’s #TeamBz style!