it just so happens that once you become vegan so many people have so much to say about your lifestyle choices. i genuinely think it’s because us, as humans, have been conditioned to think there’s only one way to living life and it’s not! (isn’t that exciting?) so me, Khaliyah, i’m here to bust 2 vegan myths for you!

1 | you won’t get protein

it seems as though EVERYONE on the face of the planet is worried about where vegans get their protein. it’s so interesting because no one was worried about my protein intake prior to me becoming a vegan. all of a sudden, once you go vegan you don’t get enough protein (i think it’s just the label to be very honest).
anyway, vegans get their protein a variety of different ways like:

  • seitan (which is made from wheat/gluten)
  • tofu
  • beans (like lentils, garbanzo, black, kidney, pinto)
  • seeds and nuts
  • quinoa, rice, and oats
  • even fruits and vegetables

imagine if you eat majority of these everyday is large quantities then of course you’re getting the protein you need.

2 | you can’t grow muscles

this had to be one of the stupidest things i have ever heard. have you seen some of the biggest animals on the food chain? usually the biggest animals are the herbivores. the animals build their muscles be eating fruits and herbs in the forest/wilderness. 
they also use their muscles on a daily basis to lift, walk, climb, hang, and run. so they’re building them all the time (and us humans are just lazy).
following a plant-based diet can get you real right. here are some plant-based body SUPER muscled out people:

what are some myths you have about veganism or plant-based living?