Many people ask me, “How do you live and work with your family?” “When will you move out?” “Are you ever going to college?” or they simply say statements like, “I could never do that”, “I have to move out because of x y z”, “I don’t like my family enough” which don’t affect how I am going to live on a regular basis at all anyway.

In the world we live in today, everyone has a sense of entitlement to other people’s information. With this being the age of technology and social media, we are all extremely transparent with the things happening in our lives and how we handle situations and the kind of situations we are in in general. So I say all of this to say that when I’m asked these questions I don’t take it personally that they’re asking even though it isn’t any of their business anyway.

Honestly it’s a bit hard for me to answer these questions because it’s kind of like asking someone who has been blind all their life what it’s like to be blind. If this is the lifestyle I am accustomed to and know well then how am I to tell you, someone who has only ever lived with the intentions of graduating high school, then college, then getting a job and so on and so forth, what my life is like and you actually understand? Of course, I can draw from the experiences I’ve had, things other people have told me and the conditioning of the mind in school.

So in terms you can understand, working with my family is like working with your absolute closest friends that you love so much you basically hate and then sleeping and living with them in the same house day in and day out. To some that may sound scary or annoying or completely distasteful and honestly it is all of those things, but it’s also fun, productive and there is nothing like a group of people in the same mindset moving towards a common goal for collective success.

No, it’s not easy. Yes, we get mad at each other… frequently. But I’d never trade this experience.

I don’t encourage or discourage anyone to live the way I do, simply because my life isn’t meant to be everyone else’s and vice versa. Everyone isn’t meant to work with their family, everyone isn’t meant to go to college, everyone isn’t meant to be entrepreneurs, but I do think we are all meant to live our best lives and be our best selves and whichever path of life makes you most content is the one you should follow, in my humble opinion.