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Where is Your Social Life?

What is a social life? What kind of life so you have to lead to have one? Is it required for maximum normalcy?

Why Did I Decide Not To Go To College Immediately Out Of High School?

I chose not to go to college yet. And I get many different responses to that statement. Will I even go at all?

Hairy Holiday Potluck

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Tis’ the season for office and school potlucks. This week we are giving a couple tips and tricks to help everyone. Also, we are letting you know what to look out for when attending a potluck. On this episode listener discretion is advised if you have a weak stomach. (You have been warned!) If you […]

The Box We Find Ourselves In

Rich In A Box looking frustrated

How do you get out of the box you have found yourself in?When you have made your name known or have become irreplaceable in your area of focus, it is not always true that others put you in a box.