How do you get out of the box you have found yourself in?When you have made your name known or have become irreplaceable in your area of focus, it is not always true that others put you in a box.  Usually, you have put yourself in the box and made good strong high walls because that’s how great you are at what you do!

However, when you look up from your work because you have some new ideas or new passions you have found, you realize people only see you for that thing you have been currently doing.  Isn’t that the only window you have opened to let them pier in on your life?

So how do you get out of that box?  Do you really need to get out of the box?

Ok, let me explain what this would look like.

If you have a box, let’s cut a whole in the side.  Now… because you have a whole in the side of the box you can walk out of the box and go back in the box at will.

Let’s now say while outside of the box you lay a foundation for the next box. But still going back into the other box on occasion. This may seem like a lot of work, and it is, however remember you have already built a box before so this means you can take the good things about that foundation and incorporate them in the new foundation.  This will save time and effort.

Here is the biggest things you will need to know while doing this:

  1. Be Transparent – You must build several windows into the design of the new box.  This allows you to control the amount of knowledge the outside world has into the new things you are doing.
  2. Toot your own horn – to some this may not feel right.  Trust me I understand.  I never liked this step.  But in this current social system I have found negativity floods the feeds and airwaves faster than something positive. Notice, I didn’t say blow your own horn, there is a difference.
  3. Use your old audience- Using this strategy allows you to let the people that have seen you in your old box know that you are creating a new box.  This will enable your new box to be build faster.

There will be some that are now saying but I don’t want to be in a box at all.  That is like saying I want to be the Jack of all Trades, Master of None.  Why would you want to not master or be known for anything?  Anyone who has done anything great in life has been in a box.  However they have build there box with windows, doors, stairs, balconies, second and third floors.  Meaning they have created a structure for themselves in which they can observe different directions of their environment and choose to open the window and speak on it.  Or they can go on a balcony and overlook a situation while remaining attached to the box because that is how their name is known.

Overstand, being in a box is not a bad thing.  What is bad is not incorporating windows and doors to allow the light, fresh air, and or people to come in your box to work with you.  The partnership alone may allow you to affect multiple boxes without having to “leave your box”.

Hit the comments below and let me know how you felt when you realized you were in a box.  What did you do to get out of the box or if you just modified your box and kept it moving?

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