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Tweet What’s up, y’all? How’s your day going? Good I hope mine has been… substantial, consisting of the basic things I do everyday, you know. Waking up, brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, going to school and finally making a blog post. I think one of the best parts of my day today was when I […]


Tweet Yo. Today I’m trying something slightly different and I think you guys’ll like it. The OOTD I will be showcasing today is not my own, I know crazy right. Today’s OOTD is from a friend I attend school with. Her name is Niyah and you can catch all her social media below the photos […]

ME ME and more ME

Lets see, this is all about me….I have so much to say and nothing at all at the same time. I love to sing, dance, act, sometimes play the guitar (it can get so frustrating sometimes but, thats another post)