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Hello again. So like I told you guys in my last post these next few posts will be about my minimalist lifestyle. Essentially I will be going through all the aspects of my life and telling you how I live them. It is a simple lifestyle so I just branded the name minimalist for it with a little help from my sister (great minds think alike khli khla *winking face*). If you would like to check out my sisters’ blog and look at her take on minimalism her blog is

As you may already know from the title of this post, this will be my take on minimalist fashion for men boys. Key words are my take on this fashion for boys. I hope you all know and you very well should that I am not a boy and I can only say from my perspective how this form of fashion should work for the opposite sex.

I will keep this very simple for you guys because I know sometimes things can seem slightly confusing for you. So we will do this with three outfits: casual, dressy and extremely dressed-up. Simple enough, right?


Let me begin by saying that the key here is to raise your own bar and look good everyday. I know this can be a challenge for some and from experience I’ll be the first to say that it definitely isn’t easy and not everyone will always like your outfit everyday but, the key is to try new things and put new combinations together. Make your style your own. But for minimalism ALWAYS include one of these colors in your outfit (it’ll just make you look better) black, white, gray, gold, silver or any dark colors.

From my point of view this is what happens when guys try to look “casual.”



I am not entirely sure what you guys like about these outfits or if you think they look good but, I do know that y’all like to keep it simple. You can keep it just as simple as these outfits and look sooooooo much better. Like this:

The difference between those outfits is one is basic and one is simple. Basic: you have no originality. Simple: It’s original but, you can still get ready in less than 10 minutes in the morning. I will let you in on one of the biggest secrets ever that will help you so much: you don’t necessarily have to try super hard to make your outfit look good just iron. You probably don’t understand but, taking one extra minute to iron that shirt instead of throwing it on makes you look like you may have possibly actually tried that morning.


When you want to look better than you usually do in your basketball shorts, I suppose you’ll probably just throw on a pair of jeans to make it all better, while this is not a bad solution I can make it better! I’m sure you didn’t read my post for womens’ fashion so I will reiterate what I said there, here. The key to happiness in your outfits: add a third piece to your outfit. You may think this sounds super crazy but when you just wear your t-shirt and adidas pants and your Jordan’s you probably don’t think it gets any better than that….. but it does! Doesn’t it always with me? You could look like that guy in the second picture or you could look like him:

and please tell me… who doesn’t want to look like him.


You may be overwhelmed now asking yourself “how could I ever look like that??” Well my friend iron your t-shirt and jeans, put on your Jordan’s, and put on a nice jacket. How hard could that be? Of course don’t put on an orange shirt and green shoes and a purple jacket because then you would just look like the rainbow. Plus, if you are actually trying to be minimalist none of those colors would be in your closet anyway. Unless you are planning on simply wearing one of those things with some other black and gray or white things, than be my guest have all of those colors in your closet (just don’t let them takeover).


For this last one I will just keep this super simple (like my outfits): when wearing a button up always tuck, when wearing a pullover don’t tuck under, when wearing a suit make sure it fits you.

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