Can we just talk about how fall is quickly approaching? Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Why? Because you get to layer, wear boots, sweaters, and jackets. I also love what fall stands for; letting things go.

To transition into fall I created three looks with essential pieces that you will probably use in the winter, too.



I’m quite certain that you all know how much I love my blacks, greys, and whites [they’re my version of neutrals]. Every single item in this outfit is a staple item. I am wearing a grey, suede, fitted jacket. This was a gift from one of my middle school friends for my fifteenth birthday, and I still have it, and wear it religiously every fall/winter.

Underneath my charcoal grey jacket is a heather grey t-shirt. T-shirts are definitely something that everyone needs in their closet. There are so many ways you can wear t-shirts that it would be extremely disrespectful if you did not have one t-shirt; especially in one of the main colors: black, white, and grey.

On my bottom half I am clothed in a black ribbed pencil skirt. Forever21 is great for having those that’s where I got mine from. You literally can wear this skirt with anything if you want to look a little more put together/dressed up. If it gets cold then you can always throw on a pair of tights to keep your legs warm.

On my feet are a pair of booties that I really do like. The only thing I would tell you all to be aware of is when buying a pair of booties do not buy a pair that is the same height around the ankle. It would become uncomfortable when walking downstairs or just walking in general. I would suggest getting a pair of boots that have a scoop in the front so that your ankles will not fall off.



This black vest has to be one of my favorite pieces in my entire closet right now. I have been waiting until it gets chilly enough to wear it and the weather just has not been in my favor. This vest is crazy soft and furry. It is like a faux sheepskin/ugg type thing and I loooove it! I definitely want to do a lookbook styling this vest (tweet me if you think I should).

My grey loose long-sleeved tee is one of my favorites. This shirt is a perfect contrast to the rest of the fitted look. I love that it is insanely soft, stretchy, and big. I am all about oversized clothes. I think it is the most comfortable thing ever. If you pair something oversized with something more fitted and tailored then you will not look like a big blob of ill-fitting clothes, which is what I try to stay away from because it can just swallow me up.

Next, I have on my favorite pair of black pants. They are partly ribbed in the thigh and shin area. My pants are also ribbed down the side. I love these pants because I can wear them with everything and I am all about getting things that will be put to use.

Completing the second look I have thrown back on my black booties.



Now this leather jacket is personally one of my favorite investments this year (other than my white vans). Everyone needs a black, classic, leather jacket. Mine came with a detachable hood, but I chose to keep it on because the it is another shade of grey (and I’m pretty sure you can tell that I love grey). My favorite part about this jacket is that it has ribbed shoulders. I am too excited to wear this jacket in! A leather jacket it perfect for fall/winter.

The main piece of this look is this grey dress. My favorite parts about it is that it is super comfy, it fits well, it has long sleeves, pockets, and the cowl neck! Honestly, if I wanted to I could turn the loose neck into a hood. This dress is a STAPLE and I am so happy I have it. When it gets colder outside you can always throw on a pair of tights with this dress.

If you really know me, follow my Twitter, or Instagram you know that I love pairing sneakers with dresses and skirts. Now do not get me wrong every girl loves a pair of heels, but to me nothing compares to my Vans. I wear my Vans anytime I can. My white Vans not only add a “chill” kind of vibe to the fit, but it adds some brightness — almost color — to the look.