I’m finally in Costa Rica! And let me just say this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Literally, my family and I have packed up our entire life (albeit we let more than enough go) and came to Costa Rica. ? We are currently living in Puriscal in this amazing home. It really is beautiful. Most of the beauty comes from the view which let me say is breathtaking. This is because we are in the mountains and we can see everything from here. Even the water! (Which I haven’t seen yet myself, I’ve only heard about it… but I believe it is true!) One thing I didn’t think I would see up here were… cows. I hear them and see them all the time. Morning, afternoon, night… cows. It is honestly insane. The same way you’ll see goats on the side of mountains, this was the cows. On the side of the mountains just… chilling. I was appalled and honestly I still am. Not to mention these cows look nothing like the cows in the United States. (So people the cows you are eating aren’t real!!! They are pumped with hormones and they are terrible for your bodies.) These cows look like… horses. Of course you can tell when a cow is a cow, but these cows were muscular and built. They looked like they could actually run, while all the other cows I’ve ever seen in my life looked like they could barely walk. Just sad. Sad, sad, sad.

Like I said we are living in the mountains, but despite that the air here is so much clearer and fresher. Whenever I used to go outside it was just for air, but here I’m getting fresh air and you can feel the difference. Speaking of, the temperature is always great here. It doesn’t really even get to 80 degrees and there is always a breeze. In the midday you could be outside and still get all your vitamin d without burning up. This is a major plus for me because I like, never went outside in the US. Like, ever. I’m not bashing the US because I love the United States. It is an amazing place and to be completely honest, when I’m done traveling the world (who knows when that will be) I will most likely come back to live there. Let’s hope by then it isn’t overrun with conspiracies and dirty people in the government anymore.

I also believe that being here is allowing me to find another (much better) version of myself. I hope that when I leave Costa Rica, I will leave more in tune with my body and more aware of myself. I hope that when I leave Costa Rica, I will be the best me I have been in my entire life.

P.S. there are lots of bugs. lots. i even saw a scorpion. yikes. oh and dogs. no leashes. just dogs. everywhere.


hellokhaiyah <3