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Managing A Family Business

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As we continue in our “Starting A Family Business Series,” this week we talk about one of the biggest challenges with not only family businesses but most business, “MANAGEMENT!” This week’s sponsor is DYNAMIKWORKS: Contact them to get your simple clean dynamik new website for your great family business.

Starting A Family Business

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This week we are getting into the details on some of the major things you will need to think about and set in place when starting a family business. Grab some TeamBz merch while you listen by going to

The Family Business – Intro

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Since May is Small Business Month, this week we are starting a new 5 part series for those that may be interested in starting a family business so you can be prepared going into next month and ready to start your FAMILY BUSINESS. Our aim is to give you the nitty gritty over the next […]

Introducing “Declare It with KhadijahRBz”

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We are so excited this day has come, KhadijahRBz has released her new podcast and we are asking questions and she is letting you know what to expect. Also, you will be able to listen to the very first podcast episode today. Go subscribe now on iTunes.

Travel Woes

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When you want to travel but getting there is the problem… Let’s talk about it!   I AM Sweatshirts and T-Shirts TeamBz Merch

Kissing Cousins

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Today, we are talking about a non-traditional family structure. A family structure that a lot of people may consider strange, but the real question: Is the whole TeamBz speechless on a topic? You wanna make sure you listen this week. I AM … T-Shirts and Sweatshirts TeamBz Merch

Through The Fire

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Oh the good things fire will do for you, but this is not one of them.  Join us on this episode where we will explain this “bad fire idea.” I AM T-SHIRT AND SWEATSHIRTS Our TeamBz Swag is here

Keeping You On Your Toe Knuckles

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This week we are keeping you on your toe knuckles! What is that you ask?  You tell us after listening to this weeks random topics that don’t necessarily go together. I AM T-SHIRTS AND SWEATSHIRTS Get your own TeamBz Merch

Why Aren’t Christians Vegan

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