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Bathroom Do’s and Don’ts

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*** Disclaimer:  Today’s subject and content may be a bit much for some listeners.  Listener’s discretion is advised.  *** We are talking BATHROOMS and we have a list of do’s and don’ts created just for you! Sponsored by and Music created by: DynamikWorks    

Blessing to Forget or a Curse to Remember

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We BACK!!!! You know how we do, it’s another question.  Make sure you go to the comment section on and find this episode and make a comment and keep the conversation going on your take is it a blessing to forget or a curse to remember? Sponsor and Music created by:

The search for HOME BASE!!!

It’s been a while but as world travelers TeamBz has been really going hard trying to get some wind underneath our wings. What does that mean? Well …

Would You Jump In

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We are back and we thank you for staying subscribed to our podcast.  We have traveled around the US “TWICE” in one month and have some stories and situations to talk about.  So on this episode we ask the question, “Would you jump in?”