There are many things you can do with your life. You can be a public servant, an athlete, in entertainment, a creative, get a job, or find a trade. Why not start a business of your own?

We have chosen to be a business owning, traveling family. We have had jobs before but once you realize the benefits of owning your own business and the fun of traveling in and out of the country it paints a picture of untold joy and experiences that it seems the majority of the world search for and crave. This is a major reason why we created the new Another One podcast series “How to start a family business.

To be totally honest with you guys, that is the reason we have done all things TeamBz. We want to provide a blueprint for other families to follow by providing little keys to keep the doors of opportunity opening as you traverse your own journey.

Our intent is not to build a step by step system, but to create a spark in our listeners, readers, followers, and watchers to say, Hey I can do something like that. Let me give you a little reference.

If you have seen the movie The Matrix? It is a movie starring Keanu Reaves as Neo (Mr. Anderson), where he had to choose the red pill or the blue pill. Once he ended up in the Matrix (which most consider equivalent to waking up and becoming conscience to the world around you and the systems that have been put in place) he realized just because you are in the system doesn’t mean you cannot bend the rules of the system. You just cannot break the rules. ?

That being said there was an antagonist in the movie or you could call him a villain but his name was Agent Smith.

Agent Smith was computer generated (the whole Matrix was a computer generation/simulation that was powered by humans bodies and minds). Agent Smith showed up when anything out of the ordinary happened in the Matrix. Regular people would transform or better yet morph into Agent Smith.

Whenever Neo would think outside the box or do something different than the norm and he being observed by a normal person, the normal person would transform into Agent Smith and try to attack Neo.

Neo was constantly thinking outside the box and doing things that bent the rules. Normal people and even Agent Smith could not do this things but as soon as they would see Neo do it, the next encounter Agent Smith would be able to do it. ?

By now you may be saying Rich, I feel like you lost me.

Ok, let’s pull this together.

TeamBz is like Neo, consistently thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope. We believe once you see it done, you can do it too, in YOUR OWN WAY! ?????

We lived outside the US for 5 months. You may choose to go out the country for a week, something before you thought you would never do. See us as that family that has a light shining in the darkness saying come on have fun, start a business, build up a family team, travel, experience the world on your own terms. ?

So now I ask you, what is holding you up? What can your life be? What ideas do you have to bend the system rules in your favor? Tell me down in the comments. I would love to read them.