Family is a great thing, spending time, having fun, building a business together can be really rewarding. But, what if you don’t want be a part of the business or you want time alone, then what?

We are asked this question more than a little bit. So I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into some of the things we do to get our own time away from the team. Ok, these are just my get-a-ways!


This is my (RichBz) favorite way to get a moment to myself. So what I like to do is figure out what is needed from the store and jump in the car by myself. While I’m driving sometime I’m listening to music, sometime total silence, but always with intention to have a moment to myself so I can clear my head or think through something that is challenging me with the business.

The reason I have done this over the years goes back to when I was 16. I bought my first car. I think it was that feeling of independence and I could make my own decisions regarding where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go there and who I wanted to go with.

It is that feeling I feel each time I take a drive and think though decisions. It’s almost like a confidence I feel, maybe you identify with this feeling. You may not have identified it but if you have make sure you let me know the feeling you feel.


YES!!! I said it, take your time in the bathroom. When you really need time away or by yourself from the family or just to listen to your favorite podcast (AnotherOne) in peace and quiet.

The bathroom is also a good time to catch up on your social media posts or comments on your blogs or even write a new blog post. Just so you know it’s real, I wrote a whole e-book while in the bathroom.

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The question here may be what does this mean… choose opposite?

So here is the answer.

Whenever everyone in the family chooses to go upstairs to get ready to get in the bed (really they are laying on the bed reading, on their phones, or watching a movie on their laptops) then I choose to stay downstairs. Usually, when I choose this way I am trying to get work done without distractions.

Am I the only one that doesn’t like to wear headphone at night? Ok that is a little off topic but drop your thoughts in the comments about that question.

These are the ways I am able to keep myself sane and also stay focused and make some huge decisions. What are some ways you get your time alone from the family members you live with? Drop them down in the comments because I definitely read each and every comment.