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Life can be… just bend the rules

Life can be ... Bend the rules

There are many things you can do with your life. You can be a public servant, an athlete, in entertainment, a creative, get a job, or find a trade. Why not start a business of your own?

Travel Woes

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When you want to travel but getting there is the problem… Let’s talk about it!   I AM Sweatshirts and T-Shirts TeamBz Merch

Trump, The Wall, The Downfall

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We back on Trump this week!  We are continuing from where we left off and getting to the nitty gritty of our thoughts about traveling freely around the world being able to choose where you want to live. Oh yeah, Rich gets blasted right at the beginning by the whole team! Purchase your “I AM […]

2018 – A Year of Travel and Love

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The last day of the year just happens to be a Monday! So you know what that means, a year in review of what actually happened to us over 2018.  No detail was too small.  That means this episode is a little lengthy but full of information of what we had to deal with in […]


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GO GIVE LOVE CAMPAIGN FIGURE OUT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT! WWW.TEAMBZ.COM/LOVE Day 1 of us traveling to Cancun. We were chosen as the top 10 in the Cancun competition and we flew out to Cancun. Here is just a little piece of what happened. Stay Tuned for more.

Cancun CEO Final Video – AquaWorld – BEHIND THE SCENES

Teambz on Speed Boats in Cancun

Join TeamBz behind the scenes as we gather footage for our final video as #CancunCEOFinalist. We had such a great time at AquaWorld in Cancun and would encourage you to check them out on your next visit.

We are on our way! Cancun

People, people, people!!! Teambz is on the way to go through the final round of the Cancun.com CEO Search. I’m gonna attempt to blog as we go. Bare with me, this is my first attempt and doing this via my iPhone on the go.


This is still footage from December and we finally arrive in North Carolina!


You want to know who is TeamBz? This video answers many of the questions you may have plus more. In this confessional, we open up about our travels, life changes, and our past. Enjoy #BzBodies. WE OUT!!! Vote for TeamBz to be the experience officer with Cancun.com: teambz.com/vote


We tried vlogmas and daily vlogging is very difficult! We were pretty delirious these days from not sleeping and being on the road, but things got pretty hilarious.