People, people, people!!! Teambz is on the way to go through the final round of the CEO Search. I’m gonna attempt to blog as we go. Bare with me, this is my first attempt and doing this via my iPhone on the go.

So after waking up early at 3:45 AM, catching the shuttle in the dark, and getting to RDU, we were greeted by Jim from WTVD ABC 11. They were making sure to follow our story all the way through.

We flew out of RDU at about 7:45 AM, even though they slated the flight to leave at 7:07 AM. They said being it was 26° outside they had to de-ice the plane.

Understand we are not in a rush in our life anymore but we currently have a lot of anxiousness for this trip.

We finally got in the air and it was all smooth. No turbulence, clear sky’s, and about an hour of chill time. It was one of the best flights i have ever been on.

We finally got to JFK! Save and sound! Now we have a two hour layover. So this gave me the time to do this.

Every chance I get, I will try to get you guys an update on what been up and where we are. But for now I gotta get something to eat. Man I’m hungry.