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TeamBz Live Q/A

Q/A Youtube Live Show Times Flyer

Live stream begins on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 at 7:15 EST. We will be answering your questions.  Make sure you share with others who may have talked about leaving the US or those who have a family but think it’s not possible. We know you have questions, so we ask that you submit your questions […]


Today was a challenge but also fun. Bags on our heads, bags on our heads… Lookin’ like some fools with the bags on our heads.

My Favorite US Vegan Breakfast Foods with Costa Rican Coffee:

Waking up in Costa Rica – First Thoughts

Mountains off the balcony of Casa

Woke up to all kinds of animal sounds I have never heard before, it almost blew my mind. Had to make a quick post about it.

International Travel Frustrations

Another One Logo

This episode we reveal where #Teambz is going and the winner of the contest!  Then we go right into some of our frustrations with fitting all of our stuff into suitcases and keeping costs down for international travel.

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 2 – Travel Laptop Backpack

Richbz with Backpack

On my international travels, I need to be able to carry the following items with security in mind and no I’m not putting them in checked bags. This means I will have to have a really good laptop backpack to carry these items: