We are still preparing for our exit date and we are down to 13 days before travel starts. Most of our readers know I own my own business and do a lot of freelance photography, graphic and web design work.

So with that being said I need to be able to carry the following items with security in mind and no I’m not checking them. This means I will have to have a really good laptop backpack to carry the following items:

* Laptop and Charger
* Camera and Charger
* Lenses
* Filters
* Microphones (Shotgun and Wired Lapel)
* iPad
* SD Cards
* External Hard drives
* Portable Battery Backup for phone (more on this later)
* Travel Documents
* etc.

This could be a problem because this is not a little bit of gear and the intent is to fit in the required amount of space allowed, which I referred to in the previous post. Also, this bag was going to have to be pretty inexpensive with a lot of bag for the buck.

After searching high and low for a bag that would meet my requirements I found this wonderful backpack which I am linking to below so you can grab yourself one.

Let me tell you, one of the features that really made this the one to get for me is the usb plug on the side of the pack that allows you to connect your phone to the pack and charge it or any other device that can charge from a usb. (The portable battery backup that powers this plug is sold separately but there is a place in the bag made just for it.) What you will find with this pack is there are a lot of storage areas that are made and labeled for what is supposed to go in it.

As you can see this is a great travel backpack and not to mention it is made out of waterproof material. The only part of it the can take in water if it is submerged for too long is the seams. This means I wouldn’t want to go through a river, pool or ocean with it but if I get caught out in the ran with it everything should be good.

If you are in need of a good solid inexpensive laptop backpack grab one of these, the price will not break your bank.

Make sure you grab the item from my link below, it will help my travel budget.

[amazon_link asins=’B01MYG0P1X’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’richbz-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’810fb428-6cc0-11e7-b046-ef5efe329303′]

Make sure you come back and check out my next item I will be covering in this series – Portable Battery Backup. In the mean time dropdown in the comments and let me know your thoughts about the backpack and if you think I missed any items you think I would need to pack in here.