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You want to know who is TeamBz? This video answers many of the questions you may have plus more. In this confessional, we open up about our travels, life changes, and our past. Enjoy #BzBodies. WE OUT!!! Vote for TeamBz to be the experience officer with Cancun.com: teambz.com/vote


Today was a challenge but also fun. Bags on our heads, bags on our heads… Lookin’ like some fools with the bags on our heads.

My Favorite US Vegan Breakfast Foods with Costa Rican Coffee:

[Solved] The major challenge of growing your business while traveling abroad

Hey all this is going to be a really quick post. Just know I’m not going to give you a challenge without giving you a solution. Here we go.<!—more—> Challenge: Communication is the key, the glue, the agreement maker for two party to conduct and remain in business. But the real question is how you […]

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 3 – Portable Battery Backup

Richbz with the Pocket Juice

Richbz is makes sure you are prepared for travel and keep a fully charged device at all times with this great portable battery backup. 20000mAh for the deal.

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 2 – Travel Laptop Backpack

Richbz with Backpack

On my international travels, I need to be able to carry the following items with security in mind and no I’m not putting them in checked bags. This means I will have to have a really good laptop backpack to carry these items: