Hey all this is going to be a really quick post. Just know I’m not going to give you a challenge without giving you a solution. Here we go.<!—more—>


Communication is the key, the glue, the agreement maker for two party to conduct and remain in business. But the real question is how you do that when you are traveling country to country and trying to keep your overhead as low as possible.


Here are some of the tools that have help me to do this very thing. Unlocked iPhone, Talkatone, Google Voice and Hangouts, Facebook Messenger. Let me tell you how these go together.

The most expensive part of this solution is my unlocked iPhone. Either you can buy one here or you can have your current phone unlocked here.  

I needed an unlocked phone so I can buy prepaid SIM cards from any country or carrier and load them up with cash for the time I’m in each country. This allows me to have data on the go and also minutes if needed for local emergencies, i.e. call a taxi, if Uber or Lyft is not available. 

Talkatone app on iPhone allows me to have a number that is local to where I lived in NC and the majority of my close friends and loved ones will be calling me from. Talkatone is great because it doesn’t use cell minutes at all. It is strictly a data or VOIP type of calling solution and it is not tied to your cell phone number like my next app but you can use it even on a wifi only iPod or iPad. 

Next app is Google Voice – this is my business line and this has to be tied to a phone number so I tied it to my Talkatone number. These two numbers will not change but my prepaid cell number will but it won’t effect my loved ones or business reaching me. 

Hangouts and Facebook are my final pieces to the puzzle because almost everyone has a gmail email address or a Facebook account. We can do video chats and conferences with multiple people on the fly. This can be very valuable when dealing with people who feel more comfortable when they see your face. 

This solution has worked out well for me and I believe if you take the leap of faith to move abroad this will assist you also. 

If you have any questions about the solution I presented here or you have a couple of options I should take a look at put them in the comments below. 

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