We are on the next installment of the RichBz International Travel Item’s Series and this item wow’d me beyond belief.

This was one of the best items I have ever purchased.  Let’s get into the why!

Ok, so as you know from my previous post I found a great backpack (you can check out that post here) that has a USB port on the side to charge your devices but you have to purchase the portable backup battery to connect to the port.

One of the things I failed to mention on my last post was the security of not plugging your phone into a USB port to charge at the airport.  It was said that you have your data stolen if you do that.  Which means this is also a personal data and identity security precaution by owning one of these portable battery backups, combined with the backpack.

In my research I was looking for a backup that would charge my iPhone 7 Plus at least twice.  The battery in my iPhone has a 2,900mAh battery.  This means I would need at least a 6000mAh battery capacity.  That size usually runs about $20 USD and up.  I say and up because depending on the name brand it can be really expensive for what you can get out of it.

Then I had to think about it, I will also be bringing my iPad 2 Wifi Only edition.  The battery in it has a capacity of 6930mAh.  If you add the iPhone 7 Plus with the iPad 2 together I am looking at 9830mAh just to get a full charge on both devices from being totally dead which made me rethink the 6000mAh backup.

I kept researching and found that I could get a 10000mAh backup but that is the amount just to charge one and a little bit extra, but the price for that was the same price I could get a 20000mAh backup for with extras.  What extras you ask, let’s go into that now.

Tzumi – Pocket Juice 20,000 mAh Portable Charger

Pocket Juice Power Button and Charge LEDsThis backup has a 4 LED light status bar to tell you how much charge is left on it.  Each LED light represents 5,000mAh of charge or 25% capacity.

That is all well and good but I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

Pocket Juice 2 charging portThe backup battery can charge 2 devices at the same time with the two available USB ports on the top of the pack.  The thing that took it over the top with it being my choice to go with is the fact that it charges your devices with a current of 2.1 volts on both ports.  For those who don’t know this would be equivalent to charging an iPhone with an iPad charging brick.  This allows for 2x faster charging of the iPhone and the time it would take to charge an iPad being normal.

This is from what I can tell kind of rare because most portable battery backups that charge 2 or more devices has one port being a 1 volt port and a 2.1 volt port.  The former being for a phone and the latter for a tablet.  Some of them are not able to charge 2 devices simultaneously, which the Pocket Juice can.

But let’s look at the numbers.

If I charge both devices, like I said prior I would be able to get 2 charges on both devices or I would be able to get 2.8 charges of just the iPad.  The killer is if I only use it to charge the iPad once and the rest of the charge only on the iPhone. This configuration would be 4.5 charges for my iPhone.  4.5 charges on a iPhone 7 Plus the way that I use mine would be just about 6 days because I get a full day off my iPhone with normal usage.

A full day for me is from 7 AM to about 12 AM, so about 17 hours.  Under heavy usage for me would be 7 AM to 6 PM. I think that would still be about 5 days.

There is a con to this product, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.  The recharging time for the battery backup is about 6 – 10 hours.  This means that from fully dead you would have to charge before you go to bed and it should be just about fully charged before you leave the house in the morning. (Obviously, it depends on the time you go to sleep.)

You can pick you up one by clicking the link below.  Make sure you use my link below as this will help me continue to create post like this to help you guys know great tech products to help to solve issue when traveling or just to give you security in your everyday travels.

[amazon_link asins=’B01I2YS6RE’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’richbz0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d3b3d7ec-b6d4-11e7-a96c-7b27bb4d80ab’]

If you would like me to do a real world test where I only use the fully charged backup battery and my iPad and iPhone 7 Plus and see how long I can go before having to actually use a brick to charge my devices let me know below in the comments.  Also, if you have purchased this before let me know what you think about it in the comments also.

In the next post in this series I will attempt to answer the question of whether it is beneficial to use space saver bags to pack or not.  That is the question.


This item as you can see above is out of stock at this time – however the bottom link with the image is one that I found that is in stock that is really similar to the one that I purchased.

[amazon_link asins=’B01I2YS6RE’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’richbz0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d3b3d7ec-b6d4-11e7-a96c-7b27bb4d80ab’]