How in the world does one go from having closets, dressers, baskets, and shelves to having ONE book bag, ONE carry-on suitcase and a COMMUNAL bag for five people. Well, this is the feat we are undertaking and it is proving to be an arduous task. We have sold, given away and thrown away so much, yet there still seems to be more.

Where did all this stuff come from?

How have we accumulated so much stuff??!??!

Flipping through the contents of my life I realize that whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, dishes, cards, socks, COATS, etc… etc… etc… I have too much. And that is the honest truth. Of course at the moment of purchase, I am sure I needed whatever it was, but as I am trying to transition my life, this stuff seems like a weight — heavy and laborious.

This purging process has allowed me to see that not only do we hold on to a lot material crap but we have a great deal of emotional and spiritual baggage. Instead of dealing with our issues, we often bury them, in an effort to ‘deal with them later’… kinda like we push that dress or pair of pants to the back of our closet in hopes of being able to wear them again. Next thing we know we are faced with the issues (clothes) again and forced to make a decision regarding what to do them. Often the decision is made under duress and we haphazardly decide to hold on or let go.

When faced with the decision to bury our emotions or to push an item to the side in hopes of ‘getting back to it’ or ‘in it’ we don’t consider the effort it will take to make this happen, so we let it linger in the background of our life (or closet) only for it to reappear at the most inopportune time. We know the situation: we are looking for something to wear and we come across the perfect outfit in our closet but it is too small nevertheless we have been holding onto it because we are ‘working out’… so it basically serves no purpose and is just taking up space. Same with those unaddressed emotions, those situations we keep putting off dealing with until ‘we have the time’…………..

Why wait? Let’s just deal with it.

Give that outfit away and when we reach that size again, we will get something new and better.

Deal with the unaddressed issues by first acknowledging that it is an issue. We overlook so much and act like it is not there BUT IT IS and it is only lingering. waiting.

Let’s hold onto the things that matter, the things that serve a purpose in our life and let go of the rest.

As I look at ALL the things we could have and should have let go of long ago, I realize how much smoother this process would be today had we been brave yesterday.

Do you have any tips you have found helpful with letting go – materially? emotionally? relationally? spiritually? Share below and help someone help themself.

Blesson learned — now let me apply them to this process. Until next time, much love.

*Diffuse some SURRENDER essential oil or rub it on your wrists and neck, then go through your closet, peruse the chambers of your heart and LET GO of everything that no longer serves a purpose in your life so when transition comes a-knocking you can grab your bag and move quickly to your next level.