this post is not shots at anyone, but everyone. this post is advice for EVERYONE, myself included.

only a daily basis i see everyone putting their techniques on how they got clear skin on the internet and everyone is saying what products they use and what not. this caused me to have a mini rant… and if you’ve followed me for a while then you know i posted about another rant i had before about keeping it real.

check out my twitter rant about people’s skin care advice:

it just bothers me how people think they are dermatologists and what not, but they do not include the importance of diet in the care of ANYTHING that has to do with their body.

  1. your skin is the largest organ on the human body.
  2. what you put in your body has to come out (whether it’s through excretion or escaping through the skin).
  3. your body is a WHOLE organism

what you do to one part of your body will affect other places. also your body works from the inside out. whatever you put inside your body affects the outside.

think about it this way…

if you’re constantly eating foods that are hard for your body to process and digest it’s not getting the nutrients it needs in a timely manner.

if you’re eating food that is extremely greasy ALL the time then that grease has to come out some way. bumps will start to form and you WILL LOOK MAD OILY… because the oil has to get out.

if you really think about it, it’s all kind of common sense.

i’ve smelled people who have had poor diets. i can smell the grease coming out of their skin. THEY LITERALLY SMELLED LIKE FRIED FOODS.

most people go through so many products and wonder why their skin is not clearing up like someone else’s.

  1. every BODY is different
  2. every one eats differently
  3. YOU are YOU and THEY are THEM

there is NOT a one product works for everyone kind of deal. you have to pay attention to your body.

if you have 8.5 x 11 sized pan of baked mac and cheese (which is my favorite) and you start to notice you have excessive mucus and start to break out on your cheeks then your body is telling you that maybe that’s not for you or you might need to eat that in moderation.

there are people out here that do not eat their fruits, veggies, or drink their water and wonder why their skin and health is trash.

just by changing your diet alone your whole life will change. check out my mommy’s blogpost called: what is your body saying? my mom is my personal guru when it comes to health things… she has done her research and to me she is more qualified than any doctor (but i’m probably just biased).

HOWEVER, you cannot complain about having terrible skin, keep trying all these products and nothing works for you. you have to be willing to change your diet. if you want something NEW to HAPPEN then you must DO something NEW.

like Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” you have to be it/do it before you will EVER see it.

just shut up with your complaining and do it right… myself included.

**this is all just my opinion, but let me know below if you agree… OR disagree. i’m open to have a discussion.