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Affirmation Monday with KhadijahRBz

Start your week off with positive and purposeful intent and allow it to carry you through your day, your week, your life… During each hour of the day on Monday (tomorrow), an affirmation will be released for your focused recitation. Take a moment, breathe and say the affirmation aloud. Repeat aloud, as needed throughout the […]

What YOUR Health

The buzz of ‘What the Health’ has been (imo) amazing. So many people have become more aware of the food industry and are endeavoring to make better food choices for their health and the health of their families – and that my friends is GRRRREEEAAATTT! HOWEVER, many people are jumping on the vegan bandwagon without […]

Let the Adventures Begin

Well, the team is packed, loaded and ready for take off. The last week as been action packed. And as I sit in the airport (hours ahead of schedule), I realize how tired and anxious I am. Over the last few days I think we ALL have experienced emotional highs, lows and all the twists […]

The Measure of Success

Who determines what a successful life journey is? Better yet, how do we measure a successful healthstyle? I know, I know, here I go with my questions (lol) in the opening sentence but if you don’t ask you leave room for misunderstanding and assumptions, right? And we don’t need assumptions and misunderstandings in 2017. For […]

Let it Go

How in the world does one go from having closets, dressers, baskets, and shelves to having ONE book bag, ONE carry-on suitcase and a COMMUNAL bag for five people. Well, this is the feat we are undertaking and it is proving to be an arduous task. We have sold, given away and thrown away so […]

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Today, I sat down at work and realized – this will be the last Monday I walk through that door, sit at this desk and log in to work. The last Monday I will hear about a case of the ‘Mondays” and how the weekend wasn’t long enough. Today, marks the ending of so many […]

Lies You Tell

The other day I went out to brunch. Prior to going I checked out the menu for food options, you know I have a vegan preference, then compared their suggestions to some vegan sites I use and made a decision regarding what I wanted to order. When I got there, I could not find on […]

The FACTS of My Life…

Moving is never an easy task. And condensing your life to a suitcase and a carryon is definitely a feat. Yet, I think more challenging than those, is the realization that relationships will be left behind as you journey forward. Yeah, we make promises to keep in touch. Then life happens and everyone moves on […]

Oh, Baby I Like it Raw!

I absolutely, and I do mean absolutely, enjoy my life as a plant-based vegan. This journey has opened the door for me to discover so much about food, health and ME! (It is always great when you can discover more about yourself, right?!?) For me this transition was never about anything superficial, it has always […]

Melaninated King

We could not leave out our KINGS!!! There are Melaninated King t-shirts available for the king in your life. With Father’s Day around the corner, grab one of these premium quality shirts. This shirt is available in: black whit navy charcoal camo green brown gray Order yours!