I’m not gonna assume you know where I’m from. This maybe your first time reading my blog and visiting teambz.com. We have been in North Carolina (NC) for majority of our lives and even though NC has three regions: Mountains, Piedmont, and Beaches (Coastal Plain), I have never lived in the mountains. The team has only stayed in Fayetteville and Raleigh/Durham which is in the Sandhills (Inner Coast Plain) and the Piedmont, respectively.

That being said there are sounds native to those areas and cities but none like the sounds I have experienced in my first day waking up in Barbracosa, Costa Rica (CR) a small area outside of Puriscal, CR.

Below is my initial concern list of my experience, followed by three things (one for each concern) I wish I would have brought for this area.

1. Very noisy – there were sounds coming from animals and creatures I have never heard before. Listen to this 1:50 sec sound bite – I don’t know how many different sounds you may hear but understand this was from my bed and it was loud.

2. Very comfortable temperature – it was 72° with a humidity of 83%. It was only expected to be 80° as the high. But it is still the rainy season so it is 90% chance of rain.

3. Time Difference – it wouldn’t seem as if the 2 hour time difference would impact you that greatly and for the most part it doesn’t but I had a major call I needed to make this morning and I thought I missed it but low and behold my phone, laptop, and watch were all different times so I didn’t know what time was the right time but I was actually an hour early to make the call and that was just what I needed or I would have lost the team a great amount of money.

That is what my initial thoughts are and it is only 7:16 am here in CR as I’m typing this. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast, blog, and vlog so you can keep up with what is going on with #TeamBz in Costa Rica. This is gonna be an adventure, to say the least.

Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for us but going forward at the end of each post I will suggest a product either I have or will be getting to help me along this journey. I am suggesting them so if you have the same issue you too can pick it up the items from my links. When you do that it will help us monetarily on this journey. Don’t forget to share, share, share.

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