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Waking up in Costa Rica – First Thoughts

Mountains off the balcony of Casa

Woke up to all kinds of animal sounds I have never heard before, it almost blew my mind. Had to make a quick post about it.

#21 – Tick Toc

Episode 21 – Tick Toc This episode is all about time and time wasting. We hope you are spending your time wisely. But let’s talk about what that looks like.

#9 – What does Dusty mean?

Episode 9 –  Dusty We are changing the show format – Short shows! We have a real life moment with Khadijahrbz you don’t want to miss this. What is a compulsive time waster? What a DUSTY person means? Don’t forget the inspirational thought for this week. Sponsored by: DynamikWorks The Quality You Deserve… Period!