The mall. The mall here in Costa Rica is top notch. I shall go into more depth in the blog post.
Hi, I am Tre Barber. My family and I have recently uprooted our whole life to move and travel the world. Our first destination is Costa Rica. Where we are currently staying.

I say this mall is top notch because of many things. Number one the stores. There are many stores that are high quality like Tiffany & Co, Cartier, North Face etc. All of the higher class stores are all located on the third floor. There were many stores that I have never heard about but were also very good stores!
The food court. The food court has its own floor which could technically be the fourth floor. The food court is all American food. Like Burger King,McDonalds,Pizza Hut etc. That I did not like that much. It does not give you the opportunity to try authentic food. Since the mall was in a touristy place it’s understandable.
The cleanliness of the mall. The mall is very clean. There was no dirty part of the mall. The glass was so clean I almost walked through it. The mall also smelt clean which is great.
Overall the mall was very good! I liked it overall of the mall I have gone to in my life! 10/10 would shop again.
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