Hi, I am Tre Barber. My family and I have recently uprooted our whole life to move and travel the world. Our first destination is Costa Rica. Where we are currently staying. In this blog post, I will go into more depth about Costa Rica and things about it.
Things you should expect.

If you are a tourist expect to get looked at. As a family of color, we obviously do not look like the native race here. Our hair is not like anyone’s here four out of the five of us have dreadlocks. In addition, we only speak a little bit of Spanish at the time of this blog post. If you do not speak Spanish and look different then heck to the yea you’re going to get looks.
Expect to see a lot of free dogs. Dogs around here aren’t really on leashes. Over the past week, I have been here I have not seen one dog on a leash but have seen at least ten random dogs, not on a leash. Which if you have a fear of dogs be careful where you go. but also it seems like no matter where you there they are. But also we are currently staying in the mountains which I’m pretty sure has many more stray dogs then maybe San Jose.
Also be prepared to hear and see lots of animals like cows, birds, monkeys etc. in addition to seeing you will also hear them a lot almost at all times of the day. Also, I do stay in the mountains which have a lot of animals but no matter what you’re going to see and hear animals.
Bugs bugs and more bugs. Bugs are a very interesting thing here in Costa Rica. There almost everywhere (very large quantities in the mountains). Two things that I highly recommend number one the thing you should get right once you get to Costa Rica is bug spray, that kills ants spiders flies and scorpions yes scorpions. Lastly, if you are thinking about traveling here or anywhere actually get these little things you plug in around the house that put out a frequency bugs don’t like or something like that it’s a very good buy for a not so high price.
Lastly rain. Rain is something that has its own season here. By the way there are only two seasons here called the rainy season which is from May to November which is just you get rain almost everyday. The dry/hot season is every month other than the ones between May and November. A good investment for the rainy season would be a rain jacket and rain boots a big big necessity.
Other than all of that Costa Rica is a really cool place. You should definitely take a trip here and see it for yourself! Hope you enjoyed the blog here are all of my social medias: Instagram:Trebz Snapchat:King_trebz
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