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The Power Couple EVERY Couple Wants to Know

Have you ever known THE couple. You know the one that comes through and sets it off every time (in a good way). The couple that brings what you need when you need it (laughter, love, life). Yea, well Shutran™ and Progessence Plus Serum is THAT couple and you & your significant other want them […]

Your Gut. Your Sweat. Your Choice.

Every day we make choices. Those choices range from what to wear [or not], whether to call / text a friend [or not] to what one eats [or not!]. Although these choices may not yield an immediate consequence, it is guaranteed that there will be one. If a person chooses to not wear clothes and […]

Improving Gut Health – Decide!

Gut health begins with one decision – do what it takes to be whole, completely. In their book, The inside tract: Your good gut guide to great digestive health, Mullin & Swift said, “Treat the gut and you treat the illness. Heal the gut and you heal yourself. Maintain balance in the gut and you […]

Alert! Alert!

Something GREAT is happening and I wanted to share it with you:) Young Living is offering a savings of 10% off the Premium Starter Kits. From June 26th – 30th new members can take advantage of this savings and have access to the awesome oils AND wonderful products that Young Living has available. The Premium […]

Things to Consider When Going Small…

When working with a local business or an entrepreneur (small business) keep the following in mind: For many, their business is their source of income. When you pay late (or not at all) you negatively impact their ability to do business. Please consider how you would respond if you went to work and did not […]

Fitness Fun

Fitness is an activity that looks different on and to everyone. What is effective for one person may not be effective for another. It is important to find what works for you. Find that thing, that activity that you look forward to 3-4 times a week. Whether it is walking, running, cycling, weightlifting, aerobics, or […]

Get my Oils Wholesale or Retail

1) As a Young Living Distributor (Wholesale Buyer), you will receive the following benefits: a. Wholesale pricing – Young Living Distributors save 24% off retail pricing, allowing you the flexibility of selling Young Living Products directly through their drop-ship program via your own already existing website, or by enrolling customers through your Young Living business. […]

wanna #beoily, here’s how…

How to order: If you wish to order any Young Living essential oils go to www.youngliving.com. You can become a member and create a wholesale account. I’m your referring member so you will add my member number #3368585 in both the sponsor and enroller boxes. You can also click here and go directly to enrollment. […]

gut health? but why!

Most people are aware of how the heart and brain contribute to the functioning of our bodies but few are aware of the power that the gastrointestinal tract has on one’s overall health. The 30-foot long tube in our bodies contributes greatly to how we function and must be considered when discussing optimal health. The […]