When working with a local business or an entrepreneur (small business) keep the following in mind:

  • For many, their business is their source of income.
  • When you pay late (or not at all) you negatively impact their ability to do business.
    • Please consider how you would respond if you went to work and did not get paid, how would that impact you and your household? Well, guess what it affects them the same way AND their business.
  • If the local business / entrepreneur / small business provides a quality service or product support them with word of mouth. You would certainly make it known if they did shabby work or had a dusty product, so why not share how awesome they are, wouldn’t you want the same? :)
  • It is okay to ask questions but don’t waste time. If you are genuinely considering their product or service, GREAT, but if you have no intent of spending your dollars with them just keep it moving. Time is money.
  • As a local business / entrepreneur / small business there is some flexibility. IF you want to do business AND you are willing to PAY, ask about options then stick to it. Most entrepreneurs are flexible they just don’t want to be played.

While, there is more I could add to this list, I am sure you get the point. The local business / entrepreneur / small business is not a chain store, restaurant, or business; therefore, they do depend heavily on people like you (and me) to support them. Communicate with them. Support them. Pray for them. You never know, one day it may be your business.